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Why not reduce it from 50 to 40 now’ – Ravi Shastri backs Shahid Afridi’s suggestion of shortening the ODI format.



Kapil Dev and many other great players have long ago said that the game of cricket has become too commercialized. Therefore, the industry has been added to it along with entertainment. And so athletes have to do more than normal physical exertion. This is the reason why child athletes get injured and have to withdraw from the competition more often. Or one has to take retirement after reaching a certain stage of age.

Recently, England’s star all-rounder Ben Stoke announced his retirement at a young age from OID. Hence, now the existence of ODI cricket is constantly being questioned.

Team India’s head coach Ravi Shastri believes that the ODI format needs to be changed from 50 to 40 overs so that this format remains exciting. Earlier it was believed that with the advent of T20 cricket, Test cricket will end, but now its effect can be seen on ODI cricket. With so many T20 leagues around the world, fans now prefer to watch the shorter format.

Interestingly, Test cricket has taken a different path and is gaining more and more popularity. A big target is being chased in the fourth innings of this format which has now threatened the status of the ODI format. The retirement of Ben Stokes from ODI at the age of just 31 was a shock to the entire cricket fraternity and now the existence of ODI cricket is being questioned.

Shahid Afridi suggested reducing the overs from 50 to 40 in the first ODI format as there was no interest in this format earlier. Now Shastri commented on Afridi’s statement saying that by reducing the over, people’s interest in this format will remain. This has been done before. The number of overs was changed from 60 to 50 in ODI cricket.

Recently, Ravi Shastri during the commentary of the second ODI between India and West Indies said,

“ There is no harm in shortening the span of the game. When one-day cricket started, it was 60 overs. When we won the World Cup in 1983, it was 60 overs. After that, people thought that 60 overs were a bit too long. People found that the span of overs is between 20 to 40 and hard to digest. So they reduced it from 60 to 50. So years have gone by now since that decision so why not reduce it from 50 to 40 now. Because you got to be forward-thinking and evolve. It stayed for 50 for too long.”

Let us tell you that, earlier Pakistan’s former captain Shahid Afridi had made a statement mentioning this in an interview on a Pakistani TV channel. Shahid Afridi said that ODI cricket has become boring now, so I would suggest that it should be changed to 40 overs instead of 50 overs.

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