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Commentators in Cricket play a very main responsibility to make the match sound more exciting and happening. Commentators are like cup of tea without sugar. However, commentators describe it ball by ball. Now the question is how much fee do cricket commentators get for their great efforts? They are paid match wise and have a high figure of annual salary.

International commentators’ salaries depend on the number of hours and days they work. These cricket commentators are well paid for their excellent efforts to entertain the audience. They are paid on a per-match basis or on a per-series basis and have a substantial annual salary. Over the years commentary has become a great tool for connecting sports to television and radio audiences. Few commentators have made a name for themselves among fans like Harsha Bhogle who is also known as the “voice of cricket”, does beautiful commentary. Manjrekar (Sanjay Manjrekar) on the other hand is an Indian cricketer tuned commentator who is paid $55,810/series is taking home a whopping $1 million. He is one of the highest aid cricketers for his commentary in recent times. On the other end popular Indian personality Mr.Harsha Bhogle is paid $1 million as well for his international class commentary. While working for ABC and ESPN Star Sports, he is paid $2500 for every match.

However, many of the commentators that we see on the fields talking are all former ICC cricketers as including Sunil Gavaskar and Sourav Ganguly, who were seen playing a first class cricket for the Indian cricket team. From Cricket Australia, it is the former leg spinner Shane Warne, who currently works for Sky Sports. Being a well paid commentator and earns $2000/match.

In the world there are only five cricket commentators that gets paid 1 Million annually whereas others are less than a million. Commentators from Sky Sports are paid $4K/match whereas only Ian Bishop is paid $900,000 per year.

There are also some other popular cricket commentators. Let’s see how much they earn in a year what is their fee per match.

Harsha Bhogle – He works for ESPN Star Sports and ABC and charges a match fee of $2500 per match though $50000 per series. His annual salary is estimated to be around 1 million in total which is surely a very well paid salary.

Sanjay ManjrekarSanjay Manjrekar is another cricketer turned commentator who earns handsomely from his first grade commentary. He has been seen working exclusively with ESPN Star Sports and charges $2500 per match while they charge $55,000 per series. His estimated income for the year is 1 million which is same as that of Harsha Bhogle.

Ian Bishop – Ian Bishop, again cricketer-turned-commentator, works exclusively for Sky Sports and earns $2000 for each match while he charges $52,000 for the entire series. His annual take away is said to be around $900,000.

Some other lists of Commentators are given below:

­­­­Name Broadcaster Panel Fee Per match  Fee Per series Annual Salary
Harsha Bhogle ESPN Star Sports & ABC English and Hindi $2,500 $55,000 $1 million
Sunil Gavaskar ESPN Star Sports English and Hindi $2,500 $55,000 $1 million
Sourav Ganguly ESPN Star Sports English and Hindi $2,500 $50,000 $1 million
Sanjay Manjrekar ESPN Star Sports English and Hindi $2,500 $50,810 $1 million
Shane Warne Sky Sports, ESPN Star Sports English $2,000 $58,000 $1 million
Ian Bishop Sky Sports English $2,000 $52,000 $900,000
Mark Nichola Sky Sports English $4000 $50,000 $850,000
Geoffrey Boycott Sky Sports English $4000 $50,000 $850,000
Michael Vaughan Sky Sports English $4000 $50,000 $850,000
Ian Botham Sky Sports English $4000 $50,000 $850,000
Mike Atherton Sky Sports English $4000 $50,000 $850,000
Alan Wilkins Sky Sports English $4000 $50,000 $850,000
David Lloyd Sky Sports English $4000 $50,000 $850,000
Ian Chappell ESPN Star Sports English $2,500 $40,000 $700,000
Mike Haysman TEN Sports English $1,000 $45,000 $700,000
Russel Arnold TEN Sports English $1,500 $45,000 $700,000
Waqar Younis TEN Sports English and Hindi $1,500 $45,000 $700,000
Rameez Raja TEN Sports English $2,200 $45,000 $700,000
Waseem Akram ESPN Star Sports English and  Hindi $1,500 $35,000 $600,000
Mark Richardson Sky Sport English $1,500 $30,000 $560,000
Pommie Mbangwa TEN Sports English $1,000 $40,000 $500,000
Shaun Pollock SuperSport English $1,500 $30,000 $400,000
Aakash Chopra Star Sports, Sony English $1,000 $40,000 $535,000
Kevin Pietersen Star Sports , Sky Sport English $3000 $50,000 $500,000
Anjum Chopra Star Sports English     $2000 $35,000 $250,000
Lisa Sthalekar Ten Sports English     $2000 $35,000 $250,000
Murali Kartik Star Sports English $2500 $50,000 $1 million

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