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We have our integrity. Why should we run behind India? If they want, they’ll come and play Pakistan’: Ex-PCB chairman



Key Highlights

  • PCB Chiefs stirs debate after his “Integrity” remarks against India
  • It’s been more than a decade now the two team have played against each other
  • Ramiz Raja who is the current PCB cheap recently floated a proposal to have four nation tournament which was rejected by the ICC in its board meeting.
  • Raja says when he speaks about India Vs. Pakistan match, he never speaks as PCB head but as a player

Without doing a thing, the Pakistani team is again in limelight for his comments against India and this time was from the Ex. PCB chief Ehsan Mani. He said,

“I always made it clear that if they want to play, they will come and play Pakistan. I never said no but I’ve always maintained that we have our own integrity, our honour. Why should we run behind India? We should not. When they will be ready, only then we will be ready too,”

It’s been a decade now since the two team have played against each other. The last when the team was seen together was in 2012-2013. That time the Pakistani team made a tour to India. Due to political mismatch and tensions the two countries have abstained themselves from playing against each other but are longing to start one.

There are several times the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) has approached the BCCI stressing to have a match but it was BCCI only who did not seem going against the will of the government or its approval.

But the former ex. PCB chief Ehsan Mani unlike his current counterpart Ramiz Raja, is quite opposite on such matters. Ehsan believes in Integrity and pride and boasts about his time with the PCB, that he never ran after the BCCI for the India vs Pakistan tournaments and said “Why should we run behind India”. Such stern remarks were from the veteran.

However, on the contrary, Raja who is the current PCB chief floated a proposal to ICC for allowing a four nation T20 tournament, but unanimously the proposal was turned down by ICC during a board of meeting stating such tournament cannot be placed in this calendar year or so.

Raja’s gestures for letting the two nations playing against each other is not something new and has been showcased many times. To understand the craze, the T20 WC match between the two in no time was sold out. Raja expressing his thoughts while speaking with the Indian Express said,

“Whenever I talk about India and Pakistan, it’s not always as the chairman of a Cricket Board. But it’s the cricketer that comes out. And as a cricketer, I’ll say that politics can be set aside because why should the fans not enjoy India-Pakistan games. The numbers and the figures are there for everyone to see why it is still the best competition in the world. And somehow, we’ve got to make it happen,”

Nobody knows when the rift between the two nations will end but when it does, will surely be the happiest moment for every cricket fan.

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