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Violence between Leicester and Nottingham Forest – Football News



A Leicester fan hit the Nottingham Forest players and generated repudiation in the world of football. The club analyzes excluding him for life from the stadiums.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

England was one of the countries that had the greatest problems with fans between the 70s and 90s, years in which they did not find the solution to all the inconveniences that they caused in the stadiums both in the country and when they crossed the border to visit others. territories.

However, they managed to eradicate the hooligans with severe and concrete measures and, little by little, we stopped seeing episodes of violence on the pitches.

One of the aspects that differentiates them is that the stadiums have seats in each of the stands and spectators cannot watch a match standing up.

The fan who hit Keinan Davis
The fan who hit Keinan Davis

Although there are always exceptions to the rule: the consumption of beer is not prohibited – quite the opposite – and someone who drinks too much sometimes does things that can end very badly.

The situation that was experienced this Sunday in Nottingham Forest’s 4-1 win over Leicester in the framework of the fourth round of the FA Cup was unfortunate.

The match between these two teams is known in the United Kingdom for its rivalry: it is a derby that is lived with intensity and is remembered for a violent event in which fans from Leicester and Derby County cornered those from Nottingham Forest in the 1980s.

During the FA Cup match, a Foxes fan, angry at his team’s performance, decided to bypass security, invade the field of play and go straight to pummel an opponent.

More than a football fan, it seemed that his free hours had been spent watching boxing since he prepared a right cross that ended up hitting striker Keinan Davis in the head, who after the game wrote on his Twitter account:

“What a win, but I have a headache”.

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers said he never wants to see anything like that and called for ensuring a safe environment for the players, while the club released a statement:

“The club is dismayed by this event and apologizes to Nottingham Forest and its players, whose safety was compromised. We applaud the quick action by the stadium security people to defend the players and we evaluate the suspension of this fan. for life in all Leicester games”.

It is not the first time that a similar action has happened: this same weekend something almost identical happened in the match between Rotherham United and Accrington Stanley in the 31st round of the Championship.

The referee sanctioned a penalty when the 86th minute was running and a fan entered the field to disturb the shooter, while the Accrington attacker lost concentration and missed the shot.

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