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In this article we bring you the most interesting types of bets you can make in football. PlayOn99 News invites you to train yourself to understand sports betting at the highest level.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

Soccer(Football) is considered the king of sports for being the one with the most followers in the world and in betting it is not far behind: it is the discipline with the most bettors.

Just as it has millions of fans waiting for the forecasts, it is the sport that has the most possibilities when it comes to betting.

To understand and be able to bet in football the best possible way, it is necessary to take into account the best types of bets that can be made and that is why PlayOn99 News leaves you a detailed guide with some possibilities.


The most basic: bets on a football team that will win the match or on a tie.

When the odds are low, it means that that team has a better chance of keeping the result, while you can also reduce risks -but also profits- if you play double chance: A wins or they tie, B wins or they tie, A or B win.

Draw No Bet

This is an option that many choose when they are starting out in the betting world because it reduces risks.

You must choose which one of the teams will win the match, but – as its name says – if they tie the bet is invalid and you will get your money back.

Logically, their odds are lower than normal, but the famous theory of damage reduction applies.

Half-time/Final Result

This is a very difficult option to get right, since many times we find ourselves with surprises, although it is also true that -with the statistics- we know which teams usually score or concede first.

The option allows you to choose which definition the match will have when the first 45 minutes are over and also at the end of the match.

There is a fundamental fact among so many negatives with this option: between 15% and 25% of the time, the first part of a match ends in a draw.

Exact Result

It is probably the most difficult option to get right and if someone masters this aspect, they will be a millionaire.

The odds in this section are the highest among sports betting because, as anyone would understand, it is really very difficult for someone to know what the exact result will be.

If you bet on these options, you can usually multiply your money x20, x30 or x40. A real madness.

There are specialists -although very few- who usually make combinations between two games and manage to get x100 odds.

Over/Under goals

One of the most used options is to predict how many goals there will be in the match.

The variants are many and the best bookmakers usually give you a greater chance of playing between the variants.

You can decide if a match will have over or under 2,3,4 or any number of goals between both teams.

In addition, you can choose for a single team: for example, if Barcelona will score more or less than 2 goals.

Both teams will score

Like the previous option, you can choose that both teams will score at least one goal during the match.

In addition, you can choose whether team A or B will score at least one goal, but the quota will be lower.

When the teams are clearly favorites like PSG, Real Madrid, Liverpool or Manchester City, they often use this option to make accumulators.


Handicaps are an option widely used by those who are already in the betting world, but keep in mind that you must have some knowledge about forecasts and not go to a result as if nothing had happened.

Basically, you are giving advantage or disadvantage to one of the teams playing the match: it can be +1, +2 or -1, -2 and so on.

There are two types of handicaps that can be used.

European Handicap

This handicap model uses whole numbers and the objective is to give a greater or lesser advantage to a team that is a favorite or an underdog.

For example, team A is an underdog, but the difference is minimal, so you play A +1.

At the end of the match, you have to add a goal to the team you chose and, if that wins the match, you win the bet.

Let’s put it into practice: Chelsea and West Ham will face each other and, since you know that West Ham is relatively inferior, but not that much, your bet is West Ham +2.

The final result of the match is Chelsea 2-1 West Ham, but since you have to add 2 goals to the losing team, the score would be 2-3 and you take the bet.

In the event that your team does not turn the scoreboard with your extra goals or you end up in a tie, you lose the bet.

Asian Handicap

The Asian model has a fundamental point that makes it better for bettors: once the handicap is applied to the final result, if you get a tie, you get your money back.

Also, in this option you can play with decimal numbers: +0.5, +1.5, -0.5 or -1.5, and so on.

As for the decimals, they increase the odds of your bet, but they add a certain risk in that there must always be one more goal to overcome the whole number and a final tie is mathematically nullified.

For example: Argentina will be local against Venezuela and we understand that there is a lot of advantage, so we would bet Argentina -2.5 on the result.

The match ends Argentina 4-1 Venezuela and, applying the handicap, the score will be 1.5-1 in favor of Argentina, so you would win the bet.

These have been some of the types of bets that exist in the world of football, but -as we said at the beginning- there are hundreds of possibilities to bet.

All these concepts can also be applied to cards, corner kicks, goals from such a player and endless possibilities that the best bookmakers will offer you.





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