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Tottenham Out – UEFA Conference League



The Whites were expelled from the UEFA Conference League for not presenting a team in the last match and will not be able to participate in the 16th finals.

Tottenham were due to play Stade Rennais on December 9 and had an outbreak of positive cases the day before. The alarms went off and they did not present a team thinking of postponing the game, but the calendar ruined the plans.

In London they were confident that there would be a date to play the postponed match, but the third wave of cases in Europe seems not to give course to regularity. UEFA unilaterally decided that Tottenham lost the match to the French 3-0. There will be no next round for the Whites.

The final decision to remove Tottenham went first by the Control, Ethics and Discipline Committee. Then it was in the hands of the Appeals Committee and they did not hesitate to leave it out. By regulation it is justified: they should have 13 players unable to play. There were only 8 infected and 5 other staff members.

What was the team supposed to do, show up with as many players as it could? Tottenham could have presented an alternative team, but they would have put the health of the rivals at risk. What if Stade Rennais returned to France with positive cases?

Antonio Conte’s team had to win to advance to the 16th final as second in the group. With this defeat on the desks, the team that advanced was Vittese from the Netherlands.

Coronavirus cases hit Europe.  Mainly to the Premier League.  Tottenham was the first team with massive cases and also missed two tournament games. The last day they were able to return to the ring and drew with Liverpool in a great football exhibition.

The last week of the Premier League six games were postponed and only four were played.  The outlook is really tough and they could postpone the tournament until next year. They would not celebrate Boxing Day, a historic tradition.

The Federation canceled the repetitions of matches tied in the FA Cup in the third and fourth rounds. While fans must present the sanitary pass to enter the stadiums.

Tottenham has been hurt by UEFA. They did not contemplate a very delicate situation and were bureaucratic to the extreme. The Whites will have to get through this moment and focus on the Premier League.



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