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Top Moment Viral of the Weekend – Football



PlayOn99 News brings you the best (football) moments of the week that were seen on Twitter. Unusual situations, celebrations, moments to forget and misfortunes in this list that we prepare for you.

Tristan de Kooker was in Amsterdam and wanted to travel to see football match of his team Aston Villa against Manchester City, but he never had the possibility of suspension. The young man went through four covid tests, missed a flight and arrived in time to see live how the meeting was postponed.

The ingenuity of these Copenhagen fans was incredible: they put together a lot of straws to drink the beer in front of them. When the victim saw his glass, he was halfway where he had left it. The next try to have it in your hand and if you buy it you take it.

Roma fans traveled to Bergamo to face Atalanta. The game was simple, they won 4-1 and took the time to outwit their rivals. A fan of the local team was not very happy and decided to throw a sparkler, but that day he had not taken the vitamins.

Algeria won the Arab Cup (football competition which has been organized by FIFA since 2021) and celebrated in style. The problem is, this appears to be an attempted murder attempt. The organizer of the festivities thought it was a good idea to place some fire triggers aimed at the players. Do you want to win the title? Pass the Ultimate Fire Launcher Trial.

Junior from Barranquilla and Deportivo Cali played the final of Colombian soccer, but something was wrong in the beginning. Cali took the title and we have identified the boy who intoxicated the rivals with a powerful hypnotizing gas.

We are still in South America to see a class in total dexterity. In Paraguay the retirement of Nélson Haedo Valdés was celebrated with a farewell match between his teammates from the 2010 South Africa World Cup and his friends. In Nélson’s team of friends there was a man who always assured that he should be a footballer and his career was cut short.

The draw for the Copa Libertadores de América was held to determine who would play the round prior to the group stage and fate had us a play. Champions League match? No, well, they are Barcelona from Guayaquil against Montevideo City. Ecuadorians against Uruguayans in case it was not clear.

To close this tour of the American continent, we will remember one of the most famous pieces in the history of viral videos. Keisuke Honda signed with Botafogo from Brazil and in his first training session he understood absolutely nothing. His partner asked him a simple question, it is understood ‘pass’, but the Japanese needed a translator.



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