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“Storm In A Teacup”: CSK Coach On Ambati Rayudu’s Deleted “My Last IPL” Tweet



Key Highlights

  • After CSK player Ambati Rayudu’s Twitter blow, coach Stephen Fleming clears the cloud in a statement
  • Fleming reveals the statement made by Rayudu a “Storm in a teacup” statement and noting more
  • Even the CEO Vishwanathan rubbished all the clarifications and said Rayudu will be with them.

The CSK team this year, is not in highlight due to any positive but rather a load of negative this year. The team since the beginning has been in deep trouble. First due to Deepak Chahar’s injury and ruling out of the game and then Ravindra Jadeja’s pathetic captaincy and ruling out. These are not at all very good signs from a team that reflects very few by crucial insights about the team inside. In the recent one, this time it was the star and the most glorified player Ambati Rayudu, who out of nowhere declared his retirement and then after deleted his tweet. The news that came out of Ambati’s twitter handle (even though for few hours) stormed the internet and left the netizen’s amused of what happened recently with the player.


However, the CSK coach later cleared the clouds stating it as “Storm in a tea cup and a non-story”. Now only God knows what was the storm over the tea cup that led Rayudu declaring him as retired but one thing is for sure, something is being cooked up in the team which most probably could be released later, same like Ravindra Jadeja, who was initially unfollowed by the CSK team on Instagram and later the news came of him being ruled from the current IPL. However, the reports that came toldhim being released due to injury but the facts were not very promising.

On the other side, helping the coach, Stephen Fleming in clearing the cloud’s, Mr. Vishwanathan said,


“No no he’s not retiring. Maybe he wasn’t happy with his performances and might have put it out. Just a psychological thing, I reckon. He’ll be with us,”


Now this may seem a bit bizarre, but we all know that every action has an equal reaction and in CSKs case it is quite visible. Let the time be the judge!!

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