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Serie A – Napoli eyeing promotion to the top flight



Bari meteoric rise to Serie B is putting Aurelio De Laurentiis business dealings in check. The Napoli president owns both clubs and will have to sell one if he wants to continue competing. If you thought he would keep the Serie A team, just read to the end.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

Bari is back: the historic team from the south of Italy was promoted to Serie B. The Roosters won 1-0 on the field of Latina Calcio and are mathematically promoted with three matchdays to spare.

The decisive goal was scored by Mirco Antenucci, a historic Italian striker who led Bari to promotion at the age of 37.

Specifically, 1357 days have passed since the last time Bari could be considered a Serie B team. Along the way there were bankruptcies with debts of 12 million euros, promotion from Serie D, changes of ownership, refoundations and disappointments on the field.

And as all season long, accompanied by their fans. If a few days ago, against Fidelis Andria, there were more than 30,000 spectators at the San Nicola. This time it was different, but just as special.

More than 1,800 spectators traveled to the Domenico Francioni stadium to support the team on the field of Latina. Meanwhile, more than 3,000 fans cheered on Bari at the San Nicola in front of the giant screens installed.

Hours later and in the early hours of the morning, several thousand fans waited for the team to return from their trip. And the party went on for hours in the streets of southern Italy.

2010-11 was Bari’s last season in Serie A. Since then, the Apulian side have been far from the best. Although they were able to fight for promotion on occasion, bankruptcy and financial problems finally arrived.

Now, under De Laurentiis, they have returned to the silver category. But an administrative problem puts the project in doubt.

Serie A: timeshare problem

There is no doubt that Bari is strong. For social mass, importance of the city and historical transcendence. They will fight in Serie B and will fight to get closer to promotion. Although the future of the club and its ownership is in doubt.

The De Laurentiis already own Napoli. And, although they will not share the same category next season, a new Italian law prohibits multiple ownership.

The Bari-Napoli duo is the last remaining example. Before 2024, Aurelio De Laurentiis will have to sell one of the two clubs.

Luigi, son of Aurelio De Laurentiis, was present at Bari’s promotion because he is the president. And during the party he was asked about the problem:

“Sell the club? We’ll see, it’s not certain”

There is no official confirmation because there are rumors that it is not Bari the club they would sell. The point is that Napoli is closely followed by American funds. And at a price much higher than what they could sell Bari for.

Two issues to keep in mind. First the recent timeshare case that forced Salernitana to be sold before decreeing them an automatic relegation from Serie A. And on the other hand, the constant disembarkation of funds from USA to Italian soccer.

Now all that remains is to wait. Although it is clear that Serie A is going through a time of change. And, who’s to say, we won’t see the economic rebirth of a very battered league.

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