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Scandal in Italy – Serie A



Udinese had to receive Salernitana. The game had an attempted suspension and finally the local players jumped onto the field. The visit could not travel due to cases of Coronavirus.

Udinese and Salernitana had to play matchday 19 of Serie A. The visiting team had 3 cases of Coronavirus in the previous one and the Salerno Health Agency did not allow them to travel to Udine. The managers thought that it would be suspended, but from Serie A they supported the idea of ​​playing and the local team jumped onto the field.

Of course, Salerno was not present and it was quite a scandal. The referee spent 45 minutes waiting for something that even he did not know and decided to end the match. Udinese offered the public a match between starters and substitutes. Now it remains to know what will happen with the meeting that was agreed for this week 19 of Serie A.

The case is very similar to what happened last season between Juventus and Napoli. Those from the South had some contagions and the Naples Agency did not allow them to leave the city. The Turin team – protected by Serie A – jumped onto the playing field and aroused the anger of football fans. With all that the rivalry between these two implies. The match was still played months later, but the stain remained.

Let’s go back to what happened yesterday: Angelo Fabiani, Sporting Director of Salernitana, tried to echo public opinion. The leader apologized in the decision of the ASL and said:

“We had booked a private flight, but they have forced us to quarantine. We have lost the costs of a scheduled flight. If the authority prevents you from going to the party, how do we do it? “

Udinese managers were not far behind and answered. From Serie A they were told that the game was still on and they should go out onto the field so as not to harm themselves. Pierpaolo Marino, Sporting Director of the club, said:

“The game could’ve gone ahead. We would have preferred to play, obviously, and if the Lega had intervened to postpone the match, they’d risk having to do the same every weekend and that is not in the interests of the clubs, fans or broadcasters”.

Marino alludes to what they explained from Serie A: if Salernitana had only 3 cases, they had to travel without those players and participate in the match. From Salerno they explained that they were not the ones who decided not to travel, but that they were prevented from doing so, although the controversy arose because the ban on leaving was not to use airline flights with passengers.

The Udinese leader directly accused Salernitana, took refuge in Serie A and commented on a case of his own when they had to play against Lazio. Pierpaolo Marino said:

“We went to play in Rome against Lazio with seven players and the coach out because of COVID, yet we won the game 3-1. The Lega has the duty to protect the regularity of the season and that means we cannot postpone a match for one or two players testing positive”.

Salernitana is going through a very hard time. He is last in Serie A and everyone knows that he will be relegated at the end of the season. It is also in the eye of the storm because it could be sanctioned if it does not change ownership by 2022 and they could even make it go down to Series C. In PlayOn99 News we will tell you about it.



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