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SCANDAL IN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE | What happened to the raffle?



The draw for the Champions League Eighth Final must be repeated. There was a “software error” according to UEFA. Everyone who saw the draw live realized the mistakes. It was unusual and unacceptable. How can this happen in the most important tournament at club level. What are the reasons why Atlético Madrid asked to repeat the tournament?

For this we must know that in the draw two very simple rules had to be met. First, the clubs that were in the same group cannot meet again, at least in this round. Second, teams from the same country cannot cross. For this, the balls that do not correspond are taken out and only those that are worth are raffled.

The Champions League event started well. Real Madrid had to face Benfica. Perfect. The next, an absurd error was evident. Villarreal defined his rival, but among the names he came out just right! Manchester United. The English team should not be in the bowling alley because they participated in the same group. They checked, took it out, and went on. Everything was an anecdotal joke.

What happened after a while was really a scandal. The team that was going to face Atlético Madrid was raffled. The Spanish team could not meet Real Madrid or Liverpool, but they included the English in the draw. What was the problem for which the Colchoneros made a scandal: the one that should be in the bowls ball was Manchester United, not Liverpool. Those led by Diego Simeone were given Bayern Munich. One of the two or three rivals that nobody wants to face.

What did Atlético, as he claimed. His fans were alienated by social networks and the entire public echoed what had happened. Viewers knew at first that something was wrong. How can this happen in a tournament at this level? Not to mention that the millions of people knew at the time before the organization!

Atlético officially claimed, UEFA responded and issued a statement quickly: the draw was canceled and must start from scratch. The problem now is what another team thinks. Real Madrid – it was paired with Benfica – complains that it is being harmed. He had an accessible rival and now he will be able to fall to Chelsea or PSG. If this happens, perhaps Florentino Pérez -enemized with UEFA for the Superliga attempt- will spend until his last flash of energy to challenge this controversial decision again.

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