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Ravi Shastri told me ‘This is one of the best innings I’ve seen by a left-hander in a long, long, time’: Ex-India batter



Key Highlights

  • Ex- Indian batter, JatinParanjpe, recalls how the former Indian Cricket team coach Ravi Shastri appreciated him in late 1980s
  • JatinParanjpe recalls the incident back from the Ranji Trophy match in Haryana

The former southpaw ex-India batter of the Indian Cricket team and the current CEO & founder of a digital platform company kheloMore. Mr. JatinParanjpehas come forward while speaking to Rediff on the occasion of the legendary cricketers’ (Ravi Shastri’s) 60th birthday.

He recalled, how during the days of his playing, Ravi Shastri without any hesitation applauded him for his good cricket. Jatin takes us back which took place during between 1980s-the 1990s and was a Ranji Trophy match in Haryana. Jatin stated what Ravi told him exactly,

“This is one of the best innings I have seen by a left-hander in a long, long, time’. And I thought that here is a guy who is going out to bat himself. All batsmen going into bat are a bit nervous, but he stopped and spoke to me. I think he did that because obviously he enjoyed the innings, but he also wanted to send out a message to the rest of the team, which was a young side, that ‘I am here for you guys”

Once being part of the BCCI Five men panel member international selection committee dated 2017, Paranjpeand Shastri has worked together closely, where Paranjpe, looks at Mr. Shastri as his idol and mentor. Applauding his mentor with more choice of words, Paranjpe said,

“He is one of the best readers of a cricket match. He is fantastic. He has great foresight about many things in life, more so about a game of cricket, foresight about talent. He is a perennially positive guy. You won’t hear one negative word out of his mouth. He is generous with advice and never petty about anything,”


JatinParanje, being an international/national level cricketer is also the husband of the Gandhali Paranjpe, who is the sister of the famous Bollywood actress, Sonali Bendere. Mrs. Paranjpe, by profession, is a journalist and a trainer.

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