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Premier League – What are the suspended matches?



The Ómicron variant is on the prowl and the outbreak by Coronavirus in the United Kingdom had an impact on the Premier League: they had to suspend 5 matches of this week 18 and there are already 9 games postponed since the cases between players and staff began.

A great date was expected for this Saturday in the Premier League, but the teams suffer a wave of infections that affect players and staff. They fail to present a team for the games. The situation is truly alarming. Tomorrow there should be six games, but we can only see two: Aston Villa-Burnley and Leeds-Arsenal.

The postponed matches are: Manchester United-Brighton, Southampton-Brentford, Watford-Crystal Palace, West Ham-Norwich City and Everton-Leicester. Among those who are six who have played weekdays on matchday 17. Another four could not appear for their own reasons and others or on the previous day had to postpone.

Watford continues the isolation that began in the week when a pre-match outbreak against Burnley emerged. Claudio Ranieri’s team is scheduled to be available for matchday 19. Norwich was able to compete against Aston Villa the previous day, but a covid outbreak -smaller than others- forced them to submit an application: along with injuries and other illnesses, no You can submit a team for this week. Leicester suffered a bigger outbreak than the rest, could not play against Tottenham during the week and had to close their training camp. Brendan Rodgers exposed the Premier League organization when he pointed out at a press conference that they were not accepting the suspension request.

Brentford played against Watford -today plagued with cases- then had to postpone his match against Manchester United due to an outbreak in the rival team and now he will not be able to play on his own. Soton, the team he should face, played two days ago. What assures players that they are not being a breeding ground for this new variant? Brentford coach Thomas Frank learned in full conference that his team had four new cases, argued that the Premier League should have a brake and said:

“We think we should postpone the full round of Premier League matches this weekend. Everybody is dealing with it”.

The Premier League flatly refused to suspend the tournament. As we all know, 2020 was not a good one with permanent suspensions and forced the organization to lose more than a billion pounds. Although they do not rule out that there is a forced brake and the tournament continues in January. These are key moments in England – days before the famous Boxing Day – and they will have to make a decision before it is too late.



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