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Premier League – Two stars are interested in Chelsea



Premier League – Chelsea is still for sale and is the most prized object. Hamilton and Serena Williams could have a stake in the purchase of the London club. And they would be fundamental for the landing of a new investor.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

Chelsea is going through a complex moment both at a sporting and economic level. Not only were they eliminated from the Champions League in the quarterfinals. And the possibility of becoming champions of the Premier League seems a utopia.

But the numbers are also worrying. After the sanctions of the British government, the future of the club is an unknown. But curiously there are two sports stars who want to buy it: Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton.

In the last few hours, a new development has made an impact in the world of sports in England. According to Sky Sports, the emblematic sportsmen have pledged to contribute 20 million pounds to Martin Broughton’s bid. The favorite to take over the London club and former chairman of Liverpool and British Airways.

The Raine Group, a US bank, is in charge of the operation. The American entity is in charge of analyzing and filtering all the offers from millionaires interested in taking over Chelsea.

Both Hamilton and Williams are the most high-profile members of any of the three remaining consortiums bidding to take over Chelsea. Should they retain the bid, the Formula 1 racer is likely to play a formal role in the London club’s future efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

After announcing that they would contribute around $10 million each, the investment group became more prominent. And their inclusion was a key decision.

It is estimated that there will be an outlay of between £2 billion and £3 billion. In 2003, Abramovich became the majority shareholder for around £200 million. That included a debt repayment.

Whether they end up winning the bid or not will have to be seen. But the landing of Hamilton and Williams allowed the Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE) holding company, headed by American private equity billionaires Josh Harris and Dave Blitzer, to take a majority stake in the future purchase of Chelsea.

But first they will have to divest their small fraction of shares in Crystal Palace, a team that also plays in the Premier League. Because multiple ownership is prohibited.

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