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The owner of the leading Premier League club met with a controversial world leader who supports Russia and from different fronts are calling for sanctions similar to those taken against Chelsea. Manchester City and Sheikh Mansour were in the crosshairs of the Occident.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to have consequences in the Premier League and the latest chapter has been played by the owner of Manchester City.

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and owner of the Premier League’s leading team, held a meeting last week with his counterpart Bassar al-Asaad, President of Syria and ally of Vladimir Putin.

A meeting that has been directly condemned by the British government, which accuses Sheikh Mansour of “not contributing to peace”.

The United States had already singled out the visit of the Syrian president, accused of “horrible atrocities” and that is why the opposition in Britain, the Labour party, questioned Sheikh Mansour as a person worthy of owning a Premier League club.

Chris Bryant, a Labour MP, took direct aim at Sheikh Mansour in the House of Commons and said:

“There has been barbaric and sustained slaughter in Syria, co-led by Assad, and now Putin is waging the same war of aggression against Ukraine – and now there are people who want to join them?”

Sheikh Mansour was not only targeted because of his relationship with Syria’s president and his atrocities, but because the latter – Al-Asaad – is Putin’s collaborator.

Russia, involved in Syria since 2015 for the intervention of the territory which was in the middle of a civil war, in turn recruited 40,000 Syrian soldiers who were enlisted to go to fight in Ukraine.

In terms of soccer, Manchester City could suffer the same fate as Chelsea and suffer sanctions that prevent it from moving in the market.

Nicholas McGeehan, a human rights activist, openly called for Mansour to receive the same sanctions as Roman Abramovich.

The British government, meanwhile, has only repudiated the meeting between the two officials and a measure of such magnitude against the Premier League leaders is almost ruled out.

Manchester City will be back in action on April 2, after the FIFA holiday, and will have to visit Burnley, where we may begin to see public demonstrations against Sheikh Mansour.

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