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Chelsea was sanctioned for being owned by Abramovich and Premier League coaches gave their opinion on the matter. Klopp, Guardiola and Conte were consulted at a press conference and gave their opinion on the relationship between the club and the war between Russia and Ukraine.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

Chelsea received a harsh sanction from the British Government for having Roman Abramovich as owner and, despite having the club for sale, they will not be able to carry out financial actions such as incorporating, selling, or transferring players.

Among so much scandal, in the Premier League, there are mixed feelings and different opinions, but the one that was not understood was that of Jurgen Klopp.

The coach of Liverpool, the strong competitor with Chelsea for the dispute in Premier League, spoke about the sanction to the London team and its owner Roman Abramovich and said:

“Chelsea employees are not responsible for this. Only one person is responsible, Vladimir Putin. I don’t know what role Abramovich has played in all this, but from what you say he was close to him. I think the government has done the right thing”

Klopp’s opinion is a bit convoluted and even his image has not been the best at the press conference, but – although he is not a direct protagonist of the events – the British media have been looking for a little bit of morbidity.

His Manchester City colleague, Pep Guardiola, referred to the war conflict and avoided mentioning Chelsea’s sanction in his press conference:

“The world is still silent, not people standing up, but governments around the world who should be making decisions or saying this cannot be like this, are not doing so”

Although there are also other opinions in Premier League: Antonio Conte, current Tottenham manager, tried to move away from political opinion and felt empathy for the London club.

The Italian coach was asked at a press conference about the sanction that the Government imposed this Thursday on Abramovich and the club he manages and for which the latter will not be able to sell, buy or renew players, as well as sell tickets or merchandising, among other things:

“It’s a shame, really, because I enjoyed two seasons there. I worked at the club and won two titles. It’s a shame that they are going through this, it’s not easy for the players, nor for Thomas Tuchel, nor for the fans or anyone connected with Chelsea”

After all, what do Chelsea fans and the club have to do with the war conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but from the West they seek to put stones in the way in places where Putin does not pass.



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