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Abramovich is looking for investors who can buy his Chelsea shares, but it won’t be easy. The price for the London club is the highest in club history and there could be a historic investment for the reigning European and world champions.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

Roman Abramovich’s days as Chelsea’s owner seem to be coming to an end and the sale of the club is becoming increasingly feasible. This was assured by Swiss Hansjorg Wyss, one of the investors who has been invited to send an offer to Abramovich for the Stamford Bridge team.

Wyss lives in the United States but confirmed this possibility to the Swiss newspaper Blick. The businessman has an estimated fortune in excess of €5 billion and is one of a group of four people who received an invitation to buy Chelsea on Tuesday.

The billionaire is unaware of the exact asking price, but knows he will have to make a proposal to the Russian tycoon before the end of this week and confirmed the situation:

“Like all the other oligarchs, Abramovich is in a panic. He is trying to sell all his villas in England and he also wants to get rid of Chelsea quickly”

Hansjorg Wyss is sure that he will not be able to afford the investment alone because the club’s debt, the share price, and the new stadium project could push the investment above €7 billion.

During his two decades as owner, Abramovich lent 2.4 billion euros to the London team and it is a debt that would have to be assumed by the future owner, added to the sale price that the Russian himself dictates.

An amount is never seen before in a soccer club, but that with the sale of Chelsea could happen. Abramovich came to reject more than 2,600 million for Chelsea, although the urgency to sell could lower his expectations.

The possible sanction by the British government would force Abramovich to get rid of Chelsea, although he could demand the return of the loans granted throughout this time.

In any case, what most complicates the sale of the team is its stadium – in which they have played since its foundation, 117 years ago – because the reform of Stamford Bridge was to begin in 2018 at an estimated cost of €1.7 billion.

Abramovich backed out at the last moment citing an “unfavorable investment climate”, although it was assumed that it was because of the refusal of the British Home Office to deny him, at that time, a visa.

Four years later, the cost of the project increased and is now close to 2.7 billion euros. Adding the costs of the stadium to the debt and the price of the club, the investment would rise to 7 billion euros.

Hence Wyss is looking for partners to undertake the investment and could find them within Russia’s number one enemy. U.S. investors are entering soccer aggressively and the latest record can be seen in Leeds United, where 49ers have a pre-agreement to buy a majority stake.

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