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Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons: a bad relationship – NBA



Ben Simmons continues in his tough position of never playing again for the Philadelphia 76ers and we tell you what his situation is. Will there be a trade to the Brooklyn Nets for James Harden? He walks in and reads the details.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

The criticisms made by Joel Embiid and Doc Rivers, his coach, after the Australian’s poor performance in the Playoff tie in which they were eliminated, last season have made him, in his words, “not mentally prepared” to compete again matches with them.

He doesn’t even train with his teammates from Philadelphia 76ers He was in some preseason sessions, half forced by his collaborators under the threat that he would be fined if he did not show up, but his attitude was far from that of a professional and he himself decided to leave again.

The Moorestown house in New Jersey, which he had put up for sale thinking that the transfer to another franchise was done, is his refuge, but the situation was not released, the market is going to close soon and the Sixers’ rush has tornado in coldness to assess the most valuable option.

Ramona Shelburne, a journalist for ESPN, spoke with those around him to find out how Simmons’ life unfolds as he waits for this bitter tug-of-war with the team that gave him the opportunity to enter the NBA as the No. 1 Draft in 2016.

The one from Melbourne has been working out in gyms open to the public and playing friendly matches against local players.

Now, tightening the screws a little more, he has once again used the Sixers’ facilities to stay in shape.

With this he intends to reactivate the transfer rumors that will get him out of there, a Philadelphia in which Morey has not yet found a satisfactory deal for the one who, without a doubt, is the second-best player on the team and a point guard at the All level. -Star who is losing his moment of physical maturity in a mental fight from which he cannot escape.

Ben Simmons continues to be sanctioned with fines for not showing up for team training or scheduled games. He has not played all season and the account continues to grow.

Each game he doesn’t go to is $360,000 and he has only received once this season, the first check: 25% of the total salary, which is $33 million.

At the moment he has 19 million in fines and the total could reach 31 million if he does not set foot in the Wells Fargo Center in the remainder of the course.

The one from Australia has left as a detail to consider returning to the city and partially integrating into the franchise, although he continues to be fined, but his positions are not close in this regard.

The Sixers see these steps as mandatory and ask for more: that he return to the games so that his market value grows again and a possible transfer closes with better options for, above all, the team with which he renewed only two years ago.

Rich Paul, his representative and that of other stars such as LeBron James, Anthony Davis or Draymond Green, insists that Ben Simmons’ decision is not economic.

The player is at fault, that is clear, and the franchise that seeks to transfer him in a good deal would have the possibility of doing so with the Brooklyn Nets for the historic James Harden.





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