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Pakistan Cricket Board Will Discuss IPL ‘two-and-a-half month window’ With Other Cricket Boards



India and Pakistan share a long history of rivalry that is not limited to the political agendas but also share similarities in the game of cricket too. Pakistanis are never happy with the way Indians work, and how they get success in return. They always look for ways to block the success plan of the Indians with their hidden motives but every time they try to do so, they face a counterattack from the Indian side.

A similar approach of the Pakistan Cricket Board can be seen bubbling up recently, where a PCB source indicated not to be happy with the IPL’s decision to expand its territories.

Recently, the BCCI secretary Jay Shah, after winning the IPL Media rights for a whopping $6.20 billion, shared his thoughts on the expansion of the Indian Premier League by two and a half months from the next IPL cycle of 2023-2027. Jay Shah stated,

“From the next FTP cycle, IPL will have an official two-and-a-half-month window so that all the top international cricketers can participate. We have had discussions with various boards as well as the ICC,”

But the Pakistani counterpart didn’t seem happy neither with the success nor with the expansion plan Indian side was planning for. Now after hearing the grandeur agenda by Jay Shah, Pakistan had to do something, and which they did as well. PCB indicated to take the matter up to the ICC board in the wake of more cropping leagues same like IPL and probably based on the ‘cropping up of leagues topic’, would try to twist the agenda under their favour, so that the expansion cannot take place.

“The ICC board meeting will be held during the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in July and this matter will probably be discussed there,”

Sensing the hidden agenda from PCB, the BCCI secretary replied back stating,

“BCCI is committed to international bilateral cricket but with so many leagues cropping up and the IPL planning expansion this has to be discussed among the cricket boards,”

So, you see how PCB is trying to stop the IPL’s future expansion plans by taking the matter to the ICC cricket board during the commonwealth games. The same mentality is the reason why Pakistan Cricket board weren’t allowed to play after 2008 IPL matches. To remind you, PSL (Pakistan Super League) which is the replica of the Indian Premier League has this year by conducting matches inside the nation, made 7 times the profit they usually make, which is around 900 million PKR. The PCB head Ramiz Raja, happy with the outcome back them shared his plans to expand stating,

“HBL PSL 7 profits jumped to 71 percent, the most in its history, with each franchise earning around PKR 900 million, again the most in HBL PSL’s history, and all before the first ball was even bowled. For next year, we aspire to take this league to the homes of all franchises and broaden its fan-reach,”


Now at that particular time BCCI did not react the PCB did currently, which clearly depicts about the intentions both the cricket board has, where one quietly plans and execute its plans and the other keeps eye on what’s happening around, trying to disrupt the momentum.

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