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Pain in Brazil – The world champion who will play in the second division



Gremio de Porto Alegre was relegated to Serie B. One of the most popular teams in Brazil beat Atlético Mineiro, current champion, 4-3, but could not escape misfortune: Juventude, one of the direct rivals for permanence, won to Corinthians and decreed the relegation of the Gaúcho team. There was little will on the part of the timaos – they kicked the goal only once – and in Brazil it is speculated that they allowed themselves to be beaten to take revenge on 2007, the year in which the Gremio-Corinthians situation had turned upside down.

Let’s go back to Guild and his way to lose the category. He finished in 17th place and just three points from salvation. When everyone thought that his relegation was decreed, the team fought recently, but the fixture gave him a bath of reality. At the end, they were all big and difficult rivals. Something normal in the Brasileirao. Probably the tournament with the best format and competition in America.

This season he had three coaches: the lousy Tiago Nunes, who had already condemned Cruzeiro the previous year, Luiz Felipe Scolari – world champion with Brazil in 2002 – and an unknown Vagner Mancini. The campaign was terrible. With a bad start and a worse development. The leadership did not have bad players at their disposal and in the middle of the championship they hired Douglas Costa, world club champion with Bayern Munich in February and Champions 2020. Walter Kannemann, Diego Churín, Miguel Borja, Brenno, Geromel, Rafinha and Jean Pyerre, complete the list of countless players who had laurels on the continent.

Many world champions for a team that was able to be world champion in 1983. That was able to win the Copa Libertadores in 2017 and lost the world final against Real Madrid. That he was the entertainer of all the tournaments he played. The fans are looking to blame and point to Douglas Costa: the player asked not to be in the most important game of the year because he had the date set on his mouth, they denied it and he deleted all publications related to the club, he scored a goal in the last game and he ironically greeted the crooked one, and at night he was seen at a great party in a mansion. The Brazilian press is killing him and logically he will not continue to be linked to Gremio.

The club is due to play in Serie B next year for the third time in its history. The same number of times he was champion of America. He will accompany two other greats: Cruzeiro and Vasco da Gama. Two who left and still have not been able to return. The wait was endless for its classic rival, Internacional de Porto Alegre, which for a month has echoed the situation and has prepared a wake with a dedication: Gremio. The rivalries on the continent are stainless and their fans came out to celebrate the descent of their enemies. And there is nothing like seeing your greatest rival in the second category.



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