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New Zealand Cricket: Historical decision of New Zealand cricket, now the salary of men and women players is same



Key highlights

A historic five-year agreement has been signed between the Players Association and the Cricket Authority of New Zealand.

Known for its development in every field, New Zealand has come up with a historic idea, turning it into a deal is something the world is appreciating. The agreement signed will provide equal pay to women players at the domestic and international level and equal pay to men in all formats and competitions.

The deal was struck between NZ Cricket and the six players’ union signed the deal on Tuesday, with women and their male counterparts getting equal pay.Under the newly signed agreement, the number of domestic contracts (women’s) will see a huge increase from 54 to 72, while the men’s side will earn much more retainers for playing more matches, the amount of time they spend training, games. are. As well as the formats in which they contest elections.

Overwhelmed by the development, David White, Chief Executive Officer of the New Zealand Cricket Board, said,

“This is the most important agreement in our sport, as it binds NZC, the major associations, and our players at the hip, and sets the foundation to fund, grow and develop cricket,”

White Ferns captain Sophie Devine, impressed and delighted by the historic move, made some interesting revelations from her past and how happy she is in the present. have a look,

“I remember when I first started back in the day we got $30 food allowance, and I thought that was a ripper. To where we are today is massive in the game.”

“It’s a massive step forward and will be a huge drawcard for young women and girls.”

So, what will be the figures for the players after the new contract comes into play from August 1st mainly would be,

International players

  • Highest Ranked White ferns will be receiving NZD 163,246 a year. Previously it was NZD 83,432
  • The player ranked at nineth will receive NZD 148,946. Previously it was NZD 66,266
  • The player ranked at seventeenth will receiveNZD 142,346. Previously it was NZD62,833

Domestic Players

  • Highest Ranked domestic players will receive NZD 19,146. Preciously, it was NZD 3,423
  • The players ranked at sixth position will receive NZD 18,646. Previously, it was NZD 3,423.
  • The player ranked at the 12th position will receive NZD 18,146. Previously, it was NZD 3,423.

So, you see, there has been a considerable increase in pocket of the international as well as the domestic players.

Not the least, even the New Zealand’s Men’s cricket team captain, Kane Williamson agreed upon saying,

“It’s really important for the current players to build on the legacy of those who have gone before us, and to support tomorrow’s players, both men and women, at all levels, this agreement goes a long way towards achieving that.”

So, it was a win-win deal for both the cricket board as well as the players those who will be playing.

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