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The San Antonio Spurs brought the Los Angeles Lakers back down to earth and deepened the crisis in California. Popovich equaled a record in NBA history and LeBron James was not on the court due to knee problems.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

The Los Angeles Lakers fell again: San Antonio Spurs beat them 117-110 without LeBron James.

One day they are celebrating LeBron scoring 56 points in a game being 37 years old and two days later, without the monster on the court, they regret losing a game that gives wings to the only competitor that could take them out of the way in a month.

The Los Angeles Lakers (28-36) are not doing well and the worst thing that could happen was for the San Antonio Spurs (25-40) to win the direct duel in the Western Conference.

Assuming that the New Orleans Pelicans will follow a good line, the Spurs’ fall from grace in recent weeks had left them in a worse position than the Lakers, but the NBA is very changeable.

San Antonio and Portland Trail Blazers are the closest to the Los Angeles Lakers in the standings and are looking to snatch the tenth and final Play-In spot.

The Lakers’ fiasco in San Antonio came without LeBron James, who did not play this game to keep his knee discomfort at bay.

With Dejounte Murray (26+10+8), the usual standout in Greg Popovich’s ranks, San Antonio Spurs did their homework and got a 31-22 partial in favor in the first quarter.

The Los Angeles Lakers tried – as usual – to come back and with two 62-56 and 95-92 partials for the second and third quarters, respectively, but – as usual, again – the team truncated itself.

After cutting the deficit to 3 points, the Los Angeles Lakers took their foot off the gas and allowed the San Antonio Spurs to take the game in the final quarter. Ununderstandable, but it is now commonplace for the team from Los Angeles.

Jakob Poll (18+8+4) and Josh Richardson (18+5+2) completed the list of the ringleaders in San Antonio Spurs, while Los Angeles Lakers had as top scorers Talen Horton-Tucker (18+4+2), Carmelo Anthony (17+7+1), Malik Monk (17+5+4) and a double-double from Russell Westbrook (17+10+6).

The game was not a luxury, but it left a record for NBA history: Greg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs coach and dominator of the last 20 years in the National Basketball Association, caught up with Don Nelson with 1335 NBA regular-season wins.

After being the gold medal-winning coach at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with the United States, Popovich will have to win one more game with the San Antonio Spurs to become the highest-ranked coach in the format where NBA franchises are most evenly matched.

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