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Los Angeles Lakers embarrass themselves night after night and lose to the worst team in the NBA. Houston Rockets didn’t have to do much and won a game in overtime that will only serve them to brag about at the end of the regular season.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

History repeats itself all too often for Los Angeles Lakers and their trip to Houston to face a gritty Rockets was no exception, not because of a good ranking but because of the opposite.

Houston Rockets are out of tune, carrying the second year of suffering in which youngsters who have to progress and veterans who have left other teams come together.

The fact that Los Angeles Lakers are in front of them, especially if they are injured, was an opportunity to take advantage of and the Rockets did just that: they took them to overtime, a territory already explored by the Californians, and there they dealt them the final blow that was enough for them to end up celebrating.

The final score was 139-130 in favor of Houston Rockets and, on top of that, with the return of LeBron James in front -after his 56-point game- with a triple-double of 23+14+12.

Jalen Green was the game’s top scorer with 32 points – and 10 of 19 for the Rockets in overtime – followed closely by the Lakers’ Rusell Westbrook (30+8+6) and LeBron.

The scores in the game were very even and that’s why the extra time was added: 32-38 in the first quarter and 68-63 to go to the break with Houston Rockets’ advantage.

In the return to the court for the second half, Los Angeles Lackers came back to the scoreboard -as almost always in their defeats- and took the third quarter to a score of 97-98, but gentlemen, they are the Lakers and in the end they will fall.

For the last quarter, the Rockets had to do with very little, just shots that ended up going in and partly because LeBron James is the Lakers’ all-purpose player. The final score was 120-120 with James missing a running shot and giving the last ball to the luck of Carmelo Anthony.

In overtime there was a flurry from Green with 7 straight points and three pointers from Gordon, Sengun, Martin and Green himself.

Houston Rockets took a win that is only good for bragging rights: they are still the worst team in the NBA and by far, but they beat LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers.

Poor the GOAT in the face of management that didn’t reinforce the team while the entire NBA did. They got LeBron James and the Lakers can even beat the last one.

The only thing that saves Los Angeles Lakers from not being out of the NBA Play-In is that their direct rivals – Portland Trail Blazzers, New Orleans Pelicans, and San Antonio Spurs – lost their games on the day and, although they appear to be worse than them, they really are not.

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