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NBA – Lakers left on the brink of the abyss



LeBron James was not on the court to see his team fall to the greatness of Jokic. Los Angeles Lakers fell to Denver Nuggets and can say goodbye to the NBA. And they can only hope for a miracle to get into the Play-In.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

Torture is coming to an end for Los Angeles Lakers. Although not because they are coming out of their slump, but because the road is the one that ends.

The NBA regular season is coming to an end and Los Angeles Lakers, barring a miracle, will not make the Playoffs. In addition to the Angelenos painful loss at home, the San Antonio Spurs won their game against Portland.

The day started with the bad news coming from San Antonio and continued with a game to forget. To make matters worse, LeBron James was unable to play due to ankle discomfort.

Davis was the one who dominated Los Angeles Lakers, but he was left at the half. He hurt his right foot in the first quarter and was limping the rest of the game.

If the team was half-hearted, it was even worse to see the NBA MVP candidate on the other side. It was Jokic who owned the game with 38 points and 18 rebounds on his stat sheet. From start to finish it was not a good day for the Lakers and that is no longer an option.

The Nuggets prevailed in a duel that was strikingly even until the end. The score ended at 118-129, but it was evenly matched until the final quarter.

Gordon (24) and Barton (25) accompanied Jokic in the statistics in a second half where Denver was clearly better. With that they left the Play-In almost impossible for the Lakers.

The miracle they need in Los Angeles

If we put the math on the table, Los Angeles Lakers can cry. They need to overtake the San Antonio Spurs in the standings by one win and right now they are two behind.

The Spurs schedule after today’s game is complicated because they will face the Nuggets, Timberwolves, Warriors and Mavericks. But the Lakers is not a bed of roses either.

Phoenix, where they could already say goodbye to any option, Golden State and Oklahoma City. In addition to closing in Denver, with this same clash, but being a visitor.

In conclusion, Los Angeles Lakers must win at least three of four games. As well as waiting for San Antonio Spurs to lose the four pending games.

A Spurs win will force the Lakers to win all remaining NBA games. With this difficult outlook, LeBron James and his Angels are on the brink.



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