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NBA – Lakers eliminated



Phoenix Suns confirmed their great present and candidacy for the ring by eliminating none other than Los Angeles Lakers. The NBA Playoffs will not have its top winner. And we will have to say goodbye to LeBron James until next season.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

It was a matter of time and it didn’t take long for the worst ending for Los Angeles Lakers to come true. A team that invested more than $160 million in salaries. That started as one of the favorites to win the NBA ring. That has LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. But that was left out of the Play-In after falling in their visit to the Phoenix Suns by 121-110.

The Lakers needed to win to stay alive. Even more so after the San Antonio Spurs’ win over the Denver Nuggets. But the best team of the NBA regular season does not understand history and showed no mercy.

Phoenix Suns confirmed the debacle of a team that suffered all NBA regular season. And to top it all off, they were without LeBron James in their most important game of the year.

Los Angeles Lakers hung around for the first half and trailed by just a few points. The end of the first half was 63-58 and held off the Suns thanks to the work of Westbrook and Davis.

They hung on as long as they could

However, Frank Vogel’s team was overwhelmed by the Suns’ offense. The Suns went one more gear after the break and finished 35-22 in the third quarter.

Led by Devin Booker -32 points with 6 three-pointers- Phoenix Suns showed that they are several steps above the Lakers. And that they are, as of today, the great favorite to win the NBA championship ring. The same one that eluded them last season in an agonizing way.

Along with the shooting guard, Ayton’s interior power (22+13) and Chris Paul leadership with 12 assists stood out.

On the part of the Lakers, who were once again lacking in outside shooting – 9 of 29 in three-pointers – and good game management – 16 turnovers – a few stood out. Westbrook, with 28 points and 5 rebounds, Anthony Davis (21+13) and Austin Reaves with 18 points off the bench. Numbers that will forever remain in the black history of the team after the biggest upset in its history.

The Lakers confirmed their worst year

The 2004 Los Angeles Lakers with Karl Malone, Gary Payton, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’neal signed one of the most famous upsets in NBA history. When they lost in the Finals to the Detroit Pistons.

Nine years later, in 2013, the Lakers put together Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. But they made the blow worse by falling in the first round to the San Antonio Spurs by a resounding 4-0 score.

Now, again nine years later, the team that played the most Finals and won the most NBA rings along with the Celtics, did it again. And they became the first team in the last 38 years to be among the top two favorites for the ring at the beginning of the season. But then they fail to qualify for the Playoffs.

With LeBron James, who signed the worst schedule of his career with 48 regular season losses, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook. And a roster valued at $164 million. Los Angeles Lakers confirmed the disaster and were eliminated before the end of the standings. It is the end of a nightmare that has lasted too long in Los Angeles.

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