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NBA – Is a star leaving?



Donovan Mitchell could leave the Utah Jazz. Find out all the details of this possible transfer on PlayOn99 and discover all the basketball news from the National Basketball Association on our sports news website.

Donovan Mitchell, a franchise player for the Utah Jazz almost since selecting him as No. 13 in the 2017 Draft, might want a change of scene. Through a transfer or as a free agent.

The Jazz spend two consecutive defeats – Toronto Raptors and Indiana Pacers – have been enough to trigger a small crisis in Salt Lake City.

Actually, it’s hardly a storm because the team is in third position in the Western Conference with a record of 28-12 and there is no risk of losing its position in the Playoffs as a seed.

More than the streak of two losses in a row – fourth in the season – the most disturbing thing for the Jazz is the rumor about their star Donovan Mitchell that is circulating in the National Basketball Association in the last hours.

The player would be drawn to much more global and powerful markets in the NBA. It is one of the tolls that teams like the Jazz must pay: in addition to sports competition, cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or San Francisco are usually in the preferences of the players.

Mitchell has not yet discussed the issue, but his possible departure from Utah is not something new and last year there was speculation about that possibility when the personal problems between the point guard and the other star of the team, Rudy Gobert, emerged.

The first possible destinations for Mitchell have already been identified and one of them would be an explosion for the NBA: Brooklyn Nets, one of the favorites to the title, which already has James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

The Knicks would be another alternative fulfilling the player’s wishes to end up in one of the biggest markets of the National Basketball Association: New York. The Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warrior are not prepared for a signing of this height.

An operation with Mitchell would have an extreme complication. The player is still three years old and remains from this contract season: he would be released in 2025 although with a player option.

His salary this season is more than 28 million that will rise to 30 (22-23), 32 (23-24) and 34 (24-25) gradually. If Mitchell wants to leave Utah soon, he must do so via transfer and there, the Jazz, must decide if it is worth it to end his current project and find another way to reach the NBA Finals.

At the moment it is a rumor that greatly worries Utah Jazz fans. The trajectory of the team in the Playoffs will mean that, at the end of the season, we are talking about Mitchell again or not and his possible departure from the team.



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