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Doncic shined in front of LeBron’s eyes and Dallas Mavericks beat Los Angeles Lakers in California. With several losses and the play-in in danger, the team led by James at least showed attitude.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

The Los Angeles Lakers recovered some of the ground they lost with fans, feelings and public opinion in the disaster signed against the New Orleans Pelicans.

Hosting Dallas Mavericks was not good and during the first half they suffered from all the ills they have been facing this regular season, but they came back and were able to at least fight the game.

The Lakers had a third-quarter that put them ahead on the scoreboard when they had gone 56-71 at halftime, quite an accomplishment that Crypto Arena was able to see, but they ran out of gas again.

The quality of Luka Doncic, decisive in the final quarter, taking LeBron James to his territory and setting traps for him as if the veteran was the Slovenian, marked the decisive stretch of the evening, which Dallas took 109-104.

Los Angeles is starting to look down in the standings because it may even miss the play-in, the round before the playoffs: they are ninth but have two wins behind the Pelicans and the Blazers.

The threat is, above all, in New Orleans, to whom they lost with a bang on Sunday. Three losses in a row for the Lakers and six of their last seven possible losses would make anyone tremble.

The Lakers tried starting LeBron James at power forward, a Vogel coup in the wake of Jordan’s departure and Davis’ absence.

It was the head coach’s 30th different starting lineup this season, the second-highest mark in the tournament behind Steve Nash’s dysfunctional Nets.

The genius from Akron, who posted a double-double of 26 points and 12 rebounds as his team’s leading scorer, has already played that position several times in his career, although here he had to do everything, the position was somewhat fictitious, and he had his minutes of absolute mental meltdown at how badly things were going wrong again.

When, under his command, they began to stick their heads out and hurt their opponents, Doncic arrived, also the leading scorer with 25 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists, to reduce the Californian joy and apply ointment on James’ wound.

The exchange in which both got into during the last minutes was taken by the European with ease and was the reason for the Mavs to leave the pavilion smiling.

The concentration of the locals when defending Doncic lasted exactly two minutes, the time it took the Slovenian to go to the center lane breaking Reaves and Johnson to complete a 2+1.

In rhythm, the Texans were also well, dependent on Luka, but with success in the three-point shot as soon as he came running or directly on the run, as the hanging to Kleber aroused the first doubts in the Lakers.

The intensity and positioning on the court were the opposite of what a coach like Frank Vogel demands, it seems that they are puppets in the hands of another artist that is not him.

The Mavs viciously ran over the opposition. Dinwiddie performed well in Doncic’s absence, Brunson put up shots and almost got his foot left on a Johnson stomp, Kleber unhinged the entire opposing team, Green was useful on both ends, Powell carried the energy of his last name by the flag.

The Lakers were almost twenty down and they got another barrage called Dorian Finney-Smith: three three-pointers in three minutes before halftime, one of them taking advantage of LeBron James’ foul protest.

They knew they had to do something and they did it. With strength, but also with head. The Lakers started moving the ball in a way that gave them better-shooting positions.

Stanley Johnson didn’t flinch and was able to string together two three-pointers. For LeBron it was three, one of them from the center logo, to take the blame off his shoulders. The monster’s last shot made it 78-78.

They had tied in half a quarter when they were more than broken. The merit is undeniable. They knew, moreover, how to keep it, getting on top and making men like Westbrook or Carmelo grow.

A technical on the impetuous Kleber opened up a six-point gap with seven minutes left. The Lakers were where they wanted to be after blushing again in a bad first half, but it plays to the end.

Doncic had one more bullet. From there until it was all settled the partial was 2-15. LeBron switched defensive assignments as he saw Doncic had command of the game, matched up with him, and didn’t win.

LeBron had the rim spitting the ball on his shots after being tipped by Doncic and Doncic was getting all the strategies right to gain some space and shoot.

The turning point? A penetration by Luka on the left in which he took advantage of James’ weight to unbalance himself backward and shoot a one-footed shot.

That’s when it was clear that this game was going to Dallas and that Doncic would be the one to put the game away. And so it happened in a duel that looked like the Finals.

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