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Moyes proving he is a world class manager



“The game changed immeasurably in the 2 decades since Mary first started, and so in he scurries, a man who not improves nor greatly degrades teams but will simply be there, right until he’s not,” a reporter once wrote in a post about West Ham’s judgement to appoint David Moyes as their interim manager after Manuel Displaying was fired. He didn’t come you inside the wrong direction because he doesn’t take you anywhere.”

Oh boy was he wrong! For as things stand West Ham are currently sitting on the fourth position of Premier League table and after beating Spurs and Chelsea, you can pretty much call them “Kings of London” in my opinion. Not only has he beaten Spurs that was coached by Nuno Espirito Santos and Chelsea coached by Thomas Tuchel but he has also beaten Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Kloop, Carlo Ancelotti and Brendan Rodgers since his arrival at West Ham United. It all boils down to a stirring cultural revolution from Moyes that has transformed the club’s psyche and taken them into Europe, for West Ham United are just gliding easily in the UEFA Europa league having getting 4 wins out of 5 games this season is quite phenomenal. Still you live and learn as how life is, although at first glance it is not immediately clear what learnings we should take note from Moye’s second spell at West Ham, a resounding success that has defied not just the load of popular sentiment but possibly surpassed even Moye’s own expectations. Is he really this good of a supervisor? That’s the question I’m continuously asking myself. Was his tumultuous managerial career path, which took him from Manchester United to Real Sociedad to Sunderland to West Ham and back to West Ham, all a mirage? Is it possible that something more subtle and complex is going on here? You are the one who must inform me.

But certainly we all know that in this business you are never more than half a dozen wins away from being hailed as a genius nor half a dozen wins away from being hailed as a genius nor half a dozen defeats from being called a moron. Should West Ham fall away and finish tenth, then it is guaranteed the very same qualities for which Moyes will still be praised. This must be the starting point for any objective evaluation of Moyes’ tenure at West Ham: everyone seemed to know how it would end. Perhaps one of the reasons his achievement has gone unappreciated is that going into it in depth would require delving into how so many of us got it wrong. Indeed, recalibrating the entire debate about why and how we evaluate managers, as well as abandoning many of our preconceived beliefs about why managers succeed or fail, would almost likely be required.

Since getting the United role in 2013 from a celebrity who recommended him for the job, this was a seeming one-way journey as he had a dismal run during the United job, but all is different nowadays.Moyes after spending half a decade as a walking punch bag, a likable and hard-working manager is finally enjoying some good times at where he finds himself currently.



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