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Moeen reveals the struggles in his cricket journey, says it gives him goosebumps even today



Everyone has problems in life, some big, some small. The greatest men we see today have also been victims of difficult situations once in their lives, but have come out stronger than ever. A similar story is of a Chennai Super Kings player who said that during his struggling days, his father neither had enough petrol in the vehicle nor food to feed him.

This player is none other than Moeen Ali. Moeen Ali, an all-rounder who is a team member of Chennai Super Kings. No one will ever know if the player didn’t reveal the struggles of his life and how those struggles made him into the player he is today.

Moeen Ali started playing when he was just eight and not with any club or so but with his brothers. He said,

“My dad had a huge passion for the game…him and as well as the twin brothers. Between the families, there were five of us, so my cousins played, I played my younger brother. I just remember I was just eight years old (when) I started playing with my brothers in the park, and I could feel that there were also getting better. So, then I took a trial when I was 19, and it was the first time that I ever played with a hardball and stuff”

The cricketer revealed that it was his early debut for county cricket and he fell in love with the game.

Talking about his father and family, Moeen said, he was not as good as he is today. His father was a psychiatric nurse and worked hard. There was a time when his father used to manage the three of us in the same car for all the matches on the same day and there was no money in hand to fill petrol in the car on the same day.

The player has gone through a tough phase of life, with he and his family sometimes eating only bread and cucumber without enough food on the table.

But adamant just like his father to do something in life, Moeen Ali came out stronger and is counted amongst the best players in the world. Moeen Ali concluded by saying and which every person should always remember,

“Just thinking about it now makes me get goosebumps because you think where you come from and it is great reminder for myself about my own humble background”

This is life!!

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