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Mental exhaustion affecting Virat Kohli, accepting current phase with brutal honesty might help him, says sports psychologist Dr. Priyanka Sarkar



Key Highlights

  • Sports Psychologist Dr. Priyanka Sarkar speaks about the mental side things for Virat Kohli
  • Priyanka believes that Virat Kohli just like other greats is going through a lean patch with quite extended one
  • Priyanka believes the great player has probably set the bar too high for himself and when not being able to achieve is creating disappointment
  • Priyanka also believes that if the player abstains himself from practicing not required exposure would probably minimize the adverse effect of social media on him.

Here in this article, we’ll not much focus on every word that Dr. Priyanka Sarkar while having with Times of India, but rather will focus on the abstract of what has been said and can it be a help for the struggling player.

Dr. Priyanka, who is a sports psychologist when asked whether the player (Virat Kohli) is having any sort of Mental Block or so, the doctor in response did not like to comment on the same as she hasn’t spoke to the player but said it might be too judgemental to pass anything related mental issues.

However, the doctor said the strong term as Mental block cannot go well with a player such as Virat because after scoring 6500 runs in the IPL and creating history to be the first does not match anything related to mental blockage or something else. She said, Virat is world class batsmen who knows his capabilities but the saddest part is his efforts are not translating into scores.

Upon observation by the doctor, she reveals that despite having trust in his skills and ability the signs from the player such as glancing at the sky after being out, looks of surprises, showcases the disappointment and disbelief that his hard work isn’t paying off. So rather than using terms like Mental block she would call it a mental exhaustion.

The major problem that the doctor feels might be troubling the player the most is Anxiety, over analysis, psychological impact of error in the past and so on to be the key factors of the players poor performance.

Dr. Priyanka said,

“Sometimes athletic identity does more harm than good”

Bu saying this she tries to make everyone understand that having a lean patch might be very difficult but accepting it as brutal honesty might help the player to overcome the emotions. His past success is acting sort of measuring scale for his future performance and which is probably impacting the acceptability of what going on in the current.

When the doctor was asked whether staying away from social media could be of help for the player?


“By practicing selective exposure and interaction, Virat can minimize the adverse effects of social media that can indirectly add pressure to the already existing pressure”

Doctor said, the player abstaining himself from practicing the not required exposure would probably minimize the adverse effect of social media on him and help him focus on his present game releasing extra pressure.

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