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“Male Ego Doesn’t Allow…”: Graeme Swann On Ravindra Jadeja’s “Big” Decision To Leave Chennai Super Kings Captaincy



CSKs now former captain Ravindra Jadeja received appraisal from two former veteran cricketers, one is South African player Graeme Swann and the Indian player Ravi Shastri. The appraisal is for nothing special but the decision not to carry on with CSK team’s captaincy. From the time Ravindra Jadeja took the baton of captaincy into his hand neither team’s performance has been great nor the player Ravindra Jadeja’s. Probably the loss surmounted the cricketer so much that he eventually found it suitable to hand-over the baton back to MS Dhoni.

The decision taken by the player stood out to be impressive especially for Graeme Swann and Ravi Shastri who expressed their opinion while speaking to Star Sports. Because for Jadeja it is out of his league and to admit it even. Swann said that it is something that he’ll never be comfortable with agreeing as player.

“The male ego doesn’t allow you to say it comfortably. So, the fact that he has done that and allowed MS to get back in is better for him, CSK and it is good news all around and honestly, I love him. I think he is brilliant. What he gives to any franchise is incredible. CSK would be half the side without him,”


Hearing to what Graeme had to say, Ravi Shastri agreed upon it saying,

“Good on him to go up and tell straight up that I can’t handle it. It’s something I am not used to. He has not captained at any level whatsoever. So, it’s good. I think we will see a different cricketer. He can do what he wants, that responsibility of being captain is gone and all three departments can come out full force,”

He further added by saying, as a fielder Ravindra Jadeja is extremely good on field and can be devastating.

“He is infectious with the way he covers that stretch on the field. He is like a bullet on the field,”

On 8th May the CSK team will be facing the Delhi Capitals team and will be interesting to see both teams against each other.

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