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“Let’s Be Ruthless”: Hardik Pandya-Led Gujarat Titans Storm Into Playoffs



Key Highlights

  • Pandya, the Captain of the GT teams asks his team to be ruthless in the final overs against the LSGs
  • Gujarat Titans becomes the first team to enter the playoffs after 62 run wins against the LSGs
  • Pandya believes when compared to previous games where they weren’t under any pressure
  • The new comer Sai Kishore in his first innings for the team impressed not only the team but the skipper himself.

Hardik Pandya, the skipper of the most successful team this year, is flying high after qualifying for the playoffs.

All the big 5 time and 4-time IPL champions are nowhere in the league this year and are settled somewhere below on the IPL points table. The team skipper is very happy and credits his team for all the efforts. The GT team since beginning showed their real colours and intentions and entered the playoffs with 2 matches already remaining. The win against the LSGs has qualified the GT team to sit right at the top and also to qualify for the playoffs. The qualification in the playoffs, came after GT team’s 62 runs victory over the Lucknow team.

Being proud of the event and the team Hardik states the beginning of the journey by believing in themselves and taking every win and loss as learning especially the one against the Mumbai Indians where they thought he match to be over but it wasn’t really and they failed as a team in that match.

Hardik Said,

“That was a learning which we took. I think all the games that we’ve won, we were always under pressure. The last game was the only game that we were ahead of the game and we knew the kind of batters we have and we’ll finish it off. But it did not happen. That was the talk of the group. Even in this game (against LSG) when they were eight down, I said, ‘Let’s be ruthless. This game is beautiful. If it’s not over, it’s not over. So, let’s make sure that we finish it. If they’re down, let’s keep them down, get this done and relax post-game.”

The skipper further added,

“I always feel when you lose a game like we did the last game, in a group, what is important is that you believe we have won games as a team and we lose games as a team”

‘We won,’ we’ll make sure that if we lose, we’ll say, ‘We lost,’ instead of saying, ‘This guy, that guy.’ We kept our laughter too. It’s important to make sure the vibe is always there,”

In the even of winning the game, the skipper also lauded the new comer named Sai Kishore who brilliantly took 2 wickets for the team which was least expected. Pandya said the plus point we see in Sai was his height and pace that helped him extra wickets.

Hardik said that as a team they always believed in themselves and despite scoring a small total of 144 against the LSG’s they were not hesitant and believed always that they could win the match. Indeed, the bowlers were the ones who should be credited.

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