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Leeds United – New rich in Premier League?



Leeds is involved in an important agreement: according to The Athletic, 49ers Enterprise has the option to buy 100% of the club in 2024. The American company that owns the NFL San Francisco 49ers franchise was important in the path of Andrea Radrizzani since you bought from the club. The Italian businessman took over the total of the shares for 47 million pounds in 2017, but – as could be seen in the first season of the series that Amazon Prime launched about the club – a year later he sold 10% to the renowned company that is now advancing at a steady pace.

Is that the 49ers have been a gradual purchase of the club since they entered the business: at the beginning of the year, they reached 37% and included this famous clause, while last month they reached 44% of the shares. The North American executives agreed to have the possibility to buy the total and today the offer would reach 470 million pounds that includes the property of Elland Road and the sports city.

The owners of the NFL franchise have deposited money throughout the Leeds revival process. That is irrefutable. They have approached decisions with their visible face within the club, Paraag Marathe. If we go backwards, it was he who glided how to reconvert the history and philosophy of the club. Of course, Andrea Radrizzani always had the last word, but it was a joint effort. A direct relationship and with appointments within the board of directors such as Marathe himself in the beginning, but also no more than six months ago such as Peter Lowy, Massimo Marinelli and Sandro Mencucci. And if he has served him… The club grew, hired a good coach, established himself and returned to the Premier League after 16 years. Always within budget, something very commendable.

What did Andrea Radrizzani say about the agreement?\

The owner of Leeds United did not have a very good reaction to the note published by the British media. Far from the image of him as a businessman, but close to the intense personality that he always showed, he replied via Twitter directly to the note. He excused himself that Aser – his investment fund – still has the possibility of canceling the purchase clause. That anything can happen between now and 2024, but continue to maintain a relationship to do Leeds. In any case, a later tweet within the same thread, slides certain doubts: he wanted to end the conversation and asked for caution, otherwise they could “can effect as to be business good luck”.



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