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Jos Buttler’s whirlwind century puts Rajasthan Royals in the final



As we already mentioned in our previous article, so did it happen. The men in pink, the Rajasthan Royals has made to the finals and will be playing against the debutant team, Gujarat Titans. The team will clash against the Titans tomorrow at the world’s biggest Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad.

But as the match will have its own set of highlights, we’ll continue with what previously happened, and how the Rajasthan Royals team made it to the finals. If anyone saw this match, he/she would have been surprised by the way Jos Butler played his innings, with so much smartness and maturity. And why are we saying this is because there was a time when the team (RR) needed 6 runs of 14 balls, and Butler was just 3 runs away from his century, the player understanding the real-time situation perfectly, played the balls in such a way, that he didn’t even complete his century but after doing it, smashed a six bringing the Rajasthan Royals team its victory after 14 years to be finals. Back in 2008, when the IPL was at its initial days, Rajasthan Royals won its first IPL title where Shane Warne was the captain.


The golden opportunity the Rajasthan Royals have gotten after such long, will at no-cost would like to experiment with, and would try to snatch this from their final opponents, the Gujarat Titans team.

The game against the RCB’s in real sense was an eye opener for everyone who disbelieved on the Rajasthan Royals team, and was clearly reflected through their prediction given before match. But now as the team has surpassed that hurdle, the belief of all those would have rejuvenated even more than before.

The team against which the RR team is going to clash against in the finals is actually the same team who beaten them in the qualifier’s – 1 match before but now it would be the best chance for them to settle the scores with the reward even bigger.

Jos Butler undoubtedly was the player of the match but also became the player to achieve 800 plus runs and the player to hit 4 centuries in the single IPL tournament after Virat Kohli’s in 2016.

After helping the team winning the match, butler said,

“Shane Warne will be looking down at us with a lot of pride today”

It will not be a justice to give Jos all the credit but also Obed McCoy’s and Prasidh Krishna’s three wickets each was the main reason the RCB’s were controlled at 157 for 8 wickets.

Another hero was Obed McCoy, who’s mother has been quite ill in his country. Sangakara said,

“McCoy’s mother has been quite ill in the West Indies and he’s had to deal with all of that and yet was focused and exceptional tonight.”

We give hats off to all the players who directly and indirectly supported in the team’s development and wish them the best for the finals.

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