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Jasprit Bumrah : Leading Indian Cricket Team is biggest achievement



Today is going to be the fifth test match to be held between England Vs. India (rescheduled). Rohit due to COVID has been ruled out of the game whereas pacer Jasprit’s Bumrah has been given a chance to lead the team for the first time.


While addressing the press conference Jasprit Bumrah stated it to be his greatest achievement and honor to lead the team. He continued further stating,

“As playing in the test match was on once his dream and getting the opportunity like the leading team India is the biggest achievement of my career. I am very happy that I’ve been given this opportunity”

Explaining the reason behind why it stood out to be the last resort to make him (Jasprit) as captain was primarily due to the reason Rohit when tested COVID positive the last minute when was checked again and not fit for playing. Then after further discussion with the coach, he announced that Jasprit to be leading the team.

He further expressed himself on the talks that are going around and about the team outside stating,

“See we are not very aware of the talk going around about the duke ball, we are trying to focus on what we have to do as a team and focus on our preparations. When we played in Leicester the wicket was a little different, over here wicket might play a little differently. So, we are focussing on what we have to do and we don’t want to focus on things we cannot control. The quality of the ball or how the ball is behaving is outside of our control. We do not want to focus too much on that and try to nag about it that the bowl is well or not”

Jasprit while having his first appearance as a captain in the press conference seemed quite mature. He sounded very practical with his words and without mincing it with things that sound lucrative or over-ambitious. Jasprit’s during the interview seemed very calm and composed and spoke about every point very easily and practically. The best thing that he added during his say in the interview was,

“Whatever the Job, we are professionals and we have to take care of it and that is what we have to do as a team”

So, this will be the maiden game for Jasprit as captain, and will be important to see how practical he sounded in the conference, and will be reflected on the field or not!!

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