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“if Pujara hadn’t reminded me I was on 97, I would’ve scored my 100” Rahane on India’s Border-Gavaskar Trophy win



Pant, Pujara and Rahane have some sweet and sour memories of a Test match against Australia in Sydney in the year 2020/2021. The match was so crucial then that if Pant’s 97 run had not been one of the best innings, it certainly could have been a disaster. The 97-run knock we are talking about here is the gist of our article here, we tell you how.

The incident that we are talking about here is the Border-Gavaskar trophy. In here, Indian was battling against the Australians to somehow save the match. But then came the saviour in form Rishabh Pant who partnered along with Cheteshwar Pujara for 148 runs and brought back the lost hopes of the team. This incident was recalled by the test captain Ajinkya Rahane, who touched based on the topic stating how Rishabh Pant was infuriated after returning back to the pavilion was explained well in a documentary displayed on VOOT, named ‘Bandon Mein Tha Dum’

Coming to the point, after showcasing the absolute showmanship on the field, as explained Pant and Pujara built partnership of 148 runs, but there was a time when the young Rishabh was at 97 runs (without knowing that he was) was about cross his one of the best century innings, but Pujara on the other end without any evil intentions came closer to Pant, trying to aware him about the situation that

“Rishabh… see for a while, try to stick. You can work in singles, doubles too. You don’t have to hit a boundary”.

Adding to the interesting story, Ajinkya also explained that how Pujara was telling him to slow down. He said,

“Now wait, you’re on 97 and you’re playing well, but now if you play a little sensibly you can make your 100. He was backing his game but unfortunately, he got out,”

What was then, Pant got distracted with having double mindedness, and losing the momentum. When Pant was just three runs away from his century, unfortunately, he edged the bowl delivered by Nathan Lyon to the point and had to return to the pavilion.

Ajinkya described the scenario by stating,

“When he came in, he was disappointed and angry, ‘Pujara bhai came and reminded me that I was on 97. I wasn’t even aware. Had he not said anything, I would have probably completed by hundred.”

Of course, Pujara’s intention would have been clear and had nothing to with what Pant has faced back then. But sometimes rubbishing such concept’s players should know to know how to retain their focus and at the toughest hours know how to prove themselves. These all thing counts in test the one understands knows better to tackle the situation and same vice-versa.

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