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He’s Batting Nowhere Near His Best”: Shane Watson On Australia Star



Key Highlights

  • Aaron Finch’s underwhelming IPL has led him to be a liability in the eyes of the Delhi Capital’s coach Shane Watson.
  • Former Australian all-rounder, Shane Watson says Finch’s batting is nowhere to his best and his participation for the WC could be doubtful.
  • Lauding David Warner, Watson says, that looks absurd for a player not giving opportunity however, he has made mistakes and everybody has. Some are public and some are even worse than others.

Aaron finch’s underwhelming performance at the IPL season 2022 has raised serious concerns for the former Australian player, especially Shane Watson, who’s currently coaching the Delhi capitals team in the IPL.

Speaking about Aaron Finch, the player so far in the 5 innings has been able to score only 86 runs with a highest of 58. The fans and the Australian management are worried with Aaron’s such performance which according to Shane is nowhere to what the player is capable of. This is not only from the IPL we are here talking about but are talking about the entire year 12 months, where Finch has been consistent at all and become a matter of concern to the Australian team.


For everybody’s information, in the month of November this year (2022), the Australian team is going to host the T20 WC and performances such like this is really a matter of worry.

While talking to the Grade Cricketer Podcast, Watson said,

“Unfortunately, right now, the way he’s batting and what I’ve seen during this IPL, he’s batting nowhere near his best. Whatever is going on, the things he’s working on with his technique and mindset, it’s changed a lot from when he’s been at his best. I believe that if he’s not scoring runs in the lead up to the T20 World Cup, and its along similar lines to what we saw here in the IPL for KKR, you can’t pick him. At the moment he’s so far out of touch, no matter how good your captaincy skills are, if he continues to bat the way he is, it would be a big liability, especially as an opener,”

Watson also added by recalling the days when he used to bat with the player and at one time Finch even was seen scoring 150 against the England at the South Hampton. But when the same player plays so poorly it becomes a matter of question for everyone to whether what really has happened.

Involving David Warner in his conversation, Shane Watson lauded the player for his success bringing against the Sunrisers and who has such a great understanding of the game. But their mistakes that he has done in the past but he also has served his time by getting severely punished for it.

“Yes, he made a big mistake and he was involved in a big mistake but he’s been severely punished in so many ways. The way they hung him out to dry and everything really came back on him, the financial impact that it had on him as well, and publicly, he’s been absolutely smashed across the board,”

By this he also added saying that everybody has made mistakes, some have big and some have even worse than others. But he continues saying that it.

“I believe if he’s not scoring runs in the lead -up to the T20 world cup, and its along similar lines to what we saw here (in the IPL) for KKR you can’t pick him”

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