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Former India batter Aakash Chopra has said that SunRisers Hyderabad pacer Umran Malik is not yet ready to play for India.



Key Highlights

  • The former Indian cricketer and now commentator Aakash Chopra says Umran Malik is not yet ready for the WC team
  • Aakash not doubting the pacer talents says Umran is “Raw” and needs some more time to enter in the Indian squad
  • The veteran cricketer player Ian Bishop disagrees to what Akash claims and supports Umran to be possessing something that hardly any cricketer has

The world in which we are living in today is all about uncertainties and challenges and for even to grab opportunities with two hands, the same we can expect for the 22-year-old cricketer hailing from the beautiful valleys of Jammu & Kashmir.

Umran Malik, the young lad with extraordinary pacing skills is somebody nowadays that players from top to bottom (Veterans) are in quest amongst each other debating to whether include the young in the Indian squad or not.

Recently, many players starting from Sunil Gavaskar, to Harbhajan Singh, to Brian Lara, came in full swing supporting this young lad like anything, but by breaking all the odds, there is one more veteran we see swimming the opposite direction.

Here we are talking about Akash Chopra, the former cricketer and the current commentator who says Umran isn’t ready for the Indian squad. In fact, he said, Umran is welcomed to be around and to be fed, enabled and develop him, but one cannot be tossed for the deeper ends so quickly.

It doesn’t mean that Akash is doubting the young players terrific pacing ability but he in fact he believes that the pacer is still raw and needs to be nurtured a little more before he gets into an actual ring. Akash while speaking on the ESPNCricinfo “Mute Me” Program revealed;

“I believe the kid is still raw; he is still learning the ropes. He will play for India at some point, but I do not believe he is ready yet. I’m not saying this because the last two games have been mediocre”

He also added,

“Umran Malik isn’t quite ready to represent India anymore. Of course, we’re all enthusiastic to see him bowl 150 strikes; that’s what we’re most enthusiastic about.”

Some are agreeing with the former player but some do also have followers like Sunil Gavaskar, and Brian Lara too, who strongly oppose this declaration from Aakash.

Ian Bishop, the veteran Trinidadian cricketer and current commentator disagrees to what Akash claims. Ian says that bowler is somebody who possess a very rare type of talent which hardly any player has in the world. Ian surely would have made such statement based on the cricketer’s pacing ability.

Ian said,

“The bowler had a 157 mark. He possesses that which almost no one in the world possesses; in fact, I hardly think of anybody that possesses it. If he makes the team, I don’t think he’ll have to play alongside Bumrah right away, Shami”


“However, it will speed up his understanding even quicker than a couple of ‘A’ tours. In this IPL, he has shown sufficient control and understanding to be around a squad,”

So, you see how different people have different opinions about something, and that’s what makes us human. But by all this one this is for sure that whether Umran Malik gets selected for the WC team or not this time but surely does have support from the big shots cheering him to the fullest.

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