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Fight in the NBA – Two teammates in the locker



Basketball (NBA) news: Harrell and Caldwell-Pope, from Washington Wizards, came to blows and had to be separated by their teammates. The players went over the line in the locker room and went out to play the Oklahoma City Thunder game like nothing.

In the National Basketball Association(NBA), the ego of its players can be excessive and reach places they cannot even imagine. The case of the night took place between Montrezl Harrel and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, both of the Washington Wizards, who argued and got to fight physically despite being partners.

Boundaries were crossed between teammates and they came to stick at halftime in the Wizards’ game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, according to Shams Charania, a journalist for The Athletic.

The prestigious Charania revealed that Harrel and Caldwell-Pope had a physical altercation in which they hit each other. These two players also shared a team at the Los Angeles Lakers, where they were traded to Washington before the start of this season as part of the deal for Russell Westbrook to come to Los Angeles.

The guard and the center had to be separated by the teammates themselves in the locker room and some sources indicated that Harrel was the one who got angry because Kentavious did not pass the ball to him when the last play of the first half passed.

The two were already arguing on the way to the locker room, exchanged unfriendly words and held on tightly to each other. The episode passed over before their teammates could break them up.

When the whole team entered the locker room, the altercation ended, but the uproar was such that the security presence was increased to ensure that the tension between the two did not flare up again.

The striking thing was that both came out to play the second half on the track and the match continued as if nothing had happened.

The Washington Wizards won the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder by 122-118 and Caldwell-Pope and Harrell were two of the five players on their team in double digits: 16 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists and 12 points and 7 rebounds, respectively.

It remains to be seen if the Wizards impose some kind of sanction for what happened in order to prevent it from happening again, although they sometimes say that what happens in the locker room is there.

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