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FIFA World Cup – Maradona jersey to be auctioned off



FIFA World Cup – Argentina and England played one of the most memorable matches of the FIFA World Cup And now Maradona jersey to be auctioned off, they will auction the jersey with which Maradona scored two historic goals. Paradoxically, it will be in the country that suffered the magic of the God of soccer.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

The Argentina jersey worn by Diego Armando Maradona in the match against England will be auctioned. It was used in the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup Mexico 1986. And with it he scored the two goals of the historic 2-1 victory.

It will be auctioned by Sotheby’s auction house. And it is estimated that it can reach a value close to 6 million pounds. About 7.2 million euros.

That day, in the Azteca stadium in Mexico City, the memory of the Malvinas War was alive. When, in 1982, the United Kingdom and Argentina faced each other.

The conflict was over an island located in Argentine territory and occupied -to this day- by the British. The Americans lost. But 4 years later, Maradona starred in two of the most historic and remembered goals in world soccer.

FIFA World Cup: a match for history

The first called the Hand of God. When he jumped over Shilton to score a goal with his hand that only the cameras noticed. The second was the Goal of the Century. And Maradona scored the best goal in FIFA World Cup history.

It was the 51st minute when Maradona took advantage of a bad high clearance by Steve Hodge inside the box. Maradona took advantage of a poor overhead clearance from Steve Hodge in the area to leapfrog goalkeeper Shilton and theoretically head home to make it 1-0. In reality, his shot was with his left fist. But it was not noticed by either the referee or his assistants.

The 2-0, in the 55th minute, was a work of art. Maradona grabbed the ball in midfield and sped towards the English box. On the way, he got rid of all the opponents in his path. He even dribbled past Shliton himself. Years later, in a popular FIFA vote, it was voted the best goal in the history of the FIFA World Cup.

From a stolen goal to the best goal of all time. Something only Maradona could do. Run through the abyss and run for glory.

The jersey will be auctioned in England

The auction, in charge of Sotheby’s, will be online and will end next May 4. The bookmaker in charge was the one who authenticated the jersey. And they marked that Maradona used it just in the second half of the match. After an exchange at halftime, he exchanged the first-half shirt.

Now the bidding is open, it is estimated that it can reach a value of between 4.8 and 7.2 million euros. Even from Argentina they are asking for the National State to acquire it in order to make it available to the country.

The history of the jersey

Undoubtedly, Maradona’s jersey was a precious target. And it was kept, curiously enough, by the man who gave him the unwanted assist for the 1-0 win. It was Steve Hodge, a midfielder in that match, who exchanged it at the end of the game.

Hodge played his entire career in England and never left the islands. His career allowed him to play for the national team and he told how he came to have the jersey:

“After an interview, I went down, behind the goal, to the changing rooms. As I was coming down, Maradona was walking with two of his teammates. I looked him in the eye, tugged on my shirt as if to say ‘is there any chance of an exchange,’ and he came over, made a prayer gesture and we exchanged shirts. And that was it. It was as simple as that”

Even, Maradona himself in a passage of the book Tocado por Dios (Touched by God), recounted this exchange:

“On the way to the locker room, one of the English guys (it turned out to be Hodge, but I wasn’t sure at the time) asked me to exchange our shirts. I said yes and we did”

The prized trophy was owned by Hodge and he had refused to sell it. In the meantime, it had been on display in the Manchester United Museum for years. But now its owner has decided to put it up for auction.

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