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Brazil won by a landslide at the Maracana and left Chile almost doomed with a blow that left them on the verge of knockout. The South American qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup are on fire and the red team will have to hope for a miracle.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

A full Maracana chanted to Chile that they are eliminated and, although the mathematics do not support the chants, the chances of the trans-Andean team to go to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 are much more linked to the miraculous than to the arithmetic: their chance of a playoff depends on a win against Uruguay -which is already qualified- in Santiago de Chile, that Colombia does not win against Venezuela and that Peru gets a maximum point in Lima against Paraguay.

The challenge could have been less if Chile did not lose 4-0 to Brazil: the goal difference made it almost impossible for them to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

Chile, until Neymar’s 1-0 goal from the penalty spot, had managed to set up a 5-man flexible line of defense to generate numerical superiority on the wings, but at the same time, to widen the field.

The Kung-Fu level concentration that Chile had shown until the 0-1 was archived after Brazil’s first celebration and the reflection was the 0-2: just two minutes after the penalty goal, Claudio Bravo -still in full distraction for losing the stability on the scoreboard- failed strangely in an exit and with his team badly stopped.

Antony captured the ball, opened the play towards the area that had been left uncovered and Vinicius scored with a shot to double the advantage.

If Chile was stunned, it was because it was chewing anger: Arturo Vidal was hooked in a VAR offside that ended up annulling the midfielder’s goal 2 minutes into the second half.

The optimism was diluted and the anger ended up generating more confusion in the group. One that Martin Lasarte, Chile’s coach, tried to remedy with changes, but Brazil took advantage of the situation.

Philippe Coutinho was fouled in the area, the referee awarded a penalty and the Aston Villa player himself converted it into 3-0.

Richarlison ultimately bulked up the scoreline for Brazil’s 4-0 win. It awoke the roar of the Maracana against Chile and deepened the doubts of the visitors, who once again reach the last qualifying round waiting for a miraculous combination to achieve the feat.

The ticket to the play-offs against the winner of the third-placed team in the AFC Playoffs: Australia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq or Lebanon, the possible rivals of the team that finishes fifth in the South American qualifiers.

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