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Argentina defeated Venezuela by a landslide, but the result mattered little in a stadium that bade farewell to its team ahead of the FIFA World Cup. Messi, Di María and De Paul led a team that filled its people with hope.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

Argentina said goodbye to its home crowd at La Bombonera stadium with a big party: they beat Venezuela 3-0 with a crowd that did not stop singing and made it clear that they support this team ahead of the FIFA World Cup.

All the flashes went to the best player in the world. Lionel Messi returned to play on Argentine soil and the fans packed the stadium in what was supposed to be his last home game in the Argentina jersey.

The crowd felt it and Messi delivered: he showed that he is happier with Argentina than with PSG. His smile from the pre-match to his exit from the field with his arms up in the air were the extremes of a dream night for a country that dreams of being World Champion after 36 years.

In the middle of the party was the match and Messi also confirmed the theory on the field. Wearing the Argentina jersey, he fights for every ball as if it were his last, runs until he finds the ball and makes good decisions.

Messi mixes with the team, smiles, celebrates, scores goals and smiles. Things that with another shirt – the PSG one – he could not find.

Argentina took an early lead with a goal by Nicolas Gonzalez, a player from Fiorentina, who found a great cross from Rodrigo de Paul and defined as a center-forward.

Argentina’s second goal was achieved with the same formula that won them the Copa America against Brazil: De Paul threw long for Angel Di Maria and the PSG player defined with a phenomenal lob.

There are three important points here: the Copa America title, De Paul and Di Maria. The two players were fundamental for Argentina to win a title after 35 years of drought and unleash the madness they live today.

A madness that made fans and an entire country trust again in a team that because of its stars throughout the world could give more, but was always denied glory with a level that more than unfair was a disgrace.

That was the context that threw a red carpet for Messi to enter, the best player in the world, the one who coexists in the false competition of being the greatest in history with Diego Armando Maradona.

A Maradona who also came into play with his death -on November 25, 2020- and from somewhere gives energy to an Argentina that believes in things that the rest of humanity does not: a group of fans promoted a project for the team to take the heart of the former player, kept and under custody of the National Police since his death, to his trip to the FIFA World Cup.

Argentina lives inside a novel written by an author from another world. One who saw something that the rest did not and decided to put together the script in the strangest way possible, one that not even Argentines believe it.

In one of the last chapters, Messi put the icing on the cake to a match that looks like it will be fired with a lucky goal, pushing the ball a bit wrong, but a goal nonetheless.

Nobody knows how this story will end. If Argentina will manage to lift the title in the FIFA World Cup or if they will return empty-handed.

Today they are candidates. As they have been for 36 years, without any title in between and with more sadness than joy, but with the confidence that this team, the one coached by Lionel Scaloni and emotionally led by Lionel Messi, will fill them with pride at the FIFA World Cup.



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