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FIFA World Cup – Argentina and Brazil come to blows



FIFA World Cup – Brazil won the U-17 tournament in Montaigu. But the celebrations were marred by a pitched battle. The Brazilian players joked with the Argentine players and caused an embarrassment.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

Brazil won the U-17 tournament in Montaigu. After beating Argentina 2-1. And in a children’s match that had the atmosphere of a derby.

The Argentine team looked for the equalizer until the end. But it could not achieve it in an exciting match that was marred by the scandal at the end.

Endrick, a minute into the game, scored the opening 1-0 for Brazil. And the reporters who approached already had their news.

His goal was thanks to a fortunate rebound off a one-on-one with the goalkeeper. And after a great run into space in which he beat the back of the entire defense.

The young Brazilian is closely followed by Barcelona and Real Madrid. But he will stay at Palmeiras until he comes of age. And for now he led Brazil to become two-time champion of the World Youth Tournament.

Ten minutes later, Agustín Ruberto, a River Plate player, scored the transitional equalizer for Argentina. But the candidates reappeared.

Brazil played well and their star duo -Endrick and Luis Guilherme– were in fine form. Guilherme, who also plays for Palmeiras, made it 2-1 with a penalty.

Guilherme is also closely followed by Real Madrid. And, like Endrick, it seems that he will go to Europe for a mountain of money.

The match ended in a pitched battle

Argentina looked for an equalizer in every possible way. But they couldn’t in a match that ended with an embarrassing and massive brawl with punches, kicks and shoves.

The end of the Montaigu U17 Tournament in France was a shameful one. After Argentina’s defeat against Brazil, a terrible fight broke out. Where punches, kicks, insults and shoves flew. No Fair Play.

When the referee blew the final whistle, the Brazilian players began to celebrate the victory. After gestures from some of the winners, the first to react was Agustin Ruberto kicking a rival.

Immediately Gianluca Prestianni stood up to fight a Brazilian. And the blows began to fly. From then on, it was a pitched battle with running, pushing, shouting and madness.

Everything was overflowing until the coaching staff of both countries appeared. Headed by Diego Placente and Brazil’s collaborators to put cool heads. And to calm down their players after the embarrassing moment the young players were starring in.

Argentina and Brazil will continue their preparation for the South American Championship. A tournament that serves to qualify for the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Peru 2023. And where they will also have to face each other.

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