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Russia was kicked out of the FIFA World Cup and Ukrainian footballers are demanding that their Russian counterparts speak up for them. Dzyuba, captain of the Russian national team, is the main target of Ukraine’s players.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

Andriy Yarmolenko, West Ham player and Ukraine international, has sent a strong and heartbreaking message to his peers in the Russian national soccer team.

The Premier League footballer chose his Twitter account and uploaded a self-recorded video to deliver a desperate message about the situation in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion, calling on Russian internationals not to stand idly by:

“I am Andriy Yarmolenko, Ukrainian international. I was born in St. Petersburg, but I grew up in Ukraine and I consider myself 100% Ukrainian. I have a question for Russian players. Guys, why are you sitting like idiots and not saying anything? In my country they kill people, they kill women, they kill mothers, they kill our children. But you don’t say anything, you didn’t make any comments”

The West Ham player, born in the dissolved city of Leningrad and trained in the youth academy of Dynamo Kyiv, invited Russian players to make a common front against the war:

“Please tell me what would happen if we all together, united, show people what is really going on in my country. I know many of them and they were all telling me: ‘It must not be like this and that your president is acting badly’. So, guys, you who have influence on the people, show it. I ask you”

Yarmolenko went further and, without naming him, made reference to the captain of the Russian national team, Artiom Dzyuba, whom he invited to bring out the exhibitionist streak that he usually shows on Tiktok and the rest of the social networks to condemn the situation that is being experienced as a result of the Russian invasion:

“I know some of you like to show your balls in front of the camera, but now it’s time to show your balls in real life. Thank you for your attention – glory to Ukraine!”

Dzyuba, who has a Ukrainian father, plays for Zenit St. Petersburg and is a mainstay of the Russian national team, recently excluded from the FIFA World Cup playoffs.

Yarmolenko’s message was not the only one posted by a Ukrainian footballer to his Russia teammates: Vitaliy Mykolenko, an Everton player, rebuked Artiom Dzyuba in a withering message where he directly tagged him:

“Keep your f***ing silence”

The Everton defender also accused the Russia captain and his teammates of having said nothing in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of their homeland.

Dzyuba, who is very fond of social media, has not posted anything since President Putin ordered his forces into neighboring Ukraine in the early hours of last Thursday morning.

In an Instagram storie, Mykolenko tagged Dzyuba and wrote:

“While you keep silent, bitch, with your fellow assholes, peaceful citizens are killed in Ukraine. You will be locked in your cave for the rest of your life and, most importantly, your children’s lives. And I’m glad!”

Dzyuba came out of his hermeticism in social networks and uploaded a post on his Instagram account where he claims his Ukrainian peers who are comfortable in their mansions.

In addition, he alludes to the exclusion of Russia from the FIFA World Cup and asks for reflection on why soccer is out of politics and in turn actions are taken only against Russia:

“I am against any war, but I am also against discrimination at a national level. Why does everyone want politics to be outside of football, but forget this when it comes to Russia?”

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