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FIFA – Infantino wants to change everything



The president of FIFA does not stop: now he wants to change the time of the matches. Infantino assured that they have to modify the rules because the times of football make it more boring and they hide behind modernization.

Gianni Infantino does not leave a second of peace for football. The Swiss raised a few years ago that it was necessary to modify several things about the most beautiful sport in the world and began with the years in which the FIFA World Cup is held.

The president of the mother house wants the World Cup to be held every two years and not four. Something that we already told you and explained on PlayOn99 in our football news section.

Not only does Infantino want to screw that up, but now he’s going for playtime. Gianni stated that the net playing times are less than 60 minutes, something true, and that at some point they will have to implement a clock that stops to meet the football times.

The risks are clear: if the president of FIFA has even been a soccer player, we will continue to listen to these atrocities. How does he not understand that soccer is a sport that takes advantage of time-out? How can you not understand that during the time-out the players continue to participate in the game?

The FIFA president has already shown his interest in changing the rules and hides behind something unobjectionable: modernization. Gianni Infantino has stated more than once that to retain the young audience you have to change football from its roots, but it would be counterproductive.

He not only referred to the time change on the clock, but also asserted that the Eurocup could be every two years like the World Cup. The economic impact is the most important thing: the income would increase. Although from UEFA they do not see it with good eyes. They already have the Nations League and are against the project for the World Cup every two years.

It is true that the new generations are prone to the immediate and do not want interruptions, but the followers of the most important sport in the world will continue to be there. FIFA, with more countries registered than the UN, has an obligation to take care of this sport as we know it.



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