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Fans trolls Virat Kohli on Twitter “leave cricket and do advertising only”



As we all have become a part of Virat Kohli’s crucial journey in Cricket as his fans and cricket followers. Cricket and Virat Kohli is an outstanding equation. Without seeing Kohli scoring centuries, a fan would not have a satisfactory sleep.

Virat Kohli, who has been longing for a century for the last three years, is now not able to make a big score. Someone is advising him to take a break, and some are doubting his technique.

Until now, the Kohli fans were eagerly waiting to watch him in the earlier form. The fans just were expecting the supremely powerful comeback from Virat Kohli in India vs England series. But unfortunately, Kohli got injured and did not manage to participate in the match. For that matter, everyone has accepted that Kohli got injured, and hence he was not been a part of the match and he missed it. But now, the hardcore cricket fans are trolling and expressing their bizarre thoughts.

Till the right moment, Virat Kohli and his cricket were just a matter of discussion. But now his fans are advising him to leave the cricket. From this, the picture gets cleared that the Kohli fans are disappointed with him and expressing their anger on Social Media.

Recently, Virat Kohli posted an advertisement on his official Twitter account. By watching that, Indians fans started trolling Kohli. Kohli has scored just 76 in the whole England series tournament, and from that, he is consistently posting his ads on social media. Fans are not liking his attitude and so Kohli is getting misunderstood by his fans.

Instead of playing cricket, he should leave it and should go for advertisements or Bollywood only is the fan’s advice to him. Someone is saying that the busy guy is selling products, and not concentrating on the game. Someone is asking him to improve his skills in the game and not in ads. Some on has advised him to try local matches, otherwise, news of his retirement will come soon.

Now it has become a fact that Virat Kohli, the former captain of the Indian cricket team has lost his original form and did not able to score a single century in the past 3 years. Now, if we look at his age and experience in a sport like a cricket, many players have taken retirement. But no one could imagine that Kohli’s game will be over with such a disastrous phase in his professional life. Many are also talking to drop him from the team. But he is the star player of the Indian cricket team. Now the time and Kohli himself will decide in the context of enhancement in the game and the other decisions. Till then, he has to face such circumstances which all are against him.

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