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Expensive watches at reasonable rate: How Rishabh Pant was conned by Haryana cricketer Mrinank Singh



Have you seen the famous series on Netflix named “Money Heist” and how in the series there were seen making plot to rob an entire bank and so on? Now you must be thinking about the catch in it. Yes, the catch here is not entirely related to the story but to some extent of conning people.

Yes, conmen are for real, and irrespective to how big or small you are, almost everybody in this world has been coned by someone or the other.

In a similar high-profile case and news, a former cricket player, Mrinank Singh, is in custody for duping Delhi Capitals team captain Rishabh Pant for a sum of 1.8 to 1.9 crores including interest. The captain was duped by Mrinank Singh, in context of starting a new business of dealing in luxury items at a reasonable price. Convinced by the idea, Pant, offered a hefty sum to the player, but who knew, the former Mumbai Indians team player of 2018, could actually be a man conning people around.

One of Pant’s complaints states that he gave the cricketer (Mrinank’s) a watch of Rs. 65000 but after several unsuccessful attempts to get back such valuables from Mrinank, Rishabh first sent a legal notice to Singh, which eventually seemed resolved on behalf of a cheque provided by the culprit, but later Rishabh found that the check had bounced due to insufficient funds. All this happened in the month of February this year.

The next hearing that Mrinank case has got is of July 19th according to Rishabh’s lawyer, Eklavya Dwivedi.

To inform you all, Rishabh wasn’t the only one getting dupped by the convict but there are a few others such as a businessman from Juhu, who was coned on the same pretext as Rishabh’s. The businessman initially putting faith in the player, handed over 6 lakh’s rupees to him, but after sometime when the businessman stopped receiving phone calls from Mrinank, he became suspicious and lodged a complaint to the police later after COVID was over.

In another, a film director, who wanted to be unidentified, revealed that he too was dupped of Rs. 25000 when the two where in the same hotel. The film director revealed, that one day, Mrinank came to him and told him that he has lost his wallet and if the director can lend him some money to pay the bill, however, the director felt a bit suspicious at that time, but due to being busy and paying less notice to the evil motives the plyer has, gave him the money.

Surprisingly, the film director didn’t even know till this date that Mrinank could do something like this and came to know about it through news channels only.

In total 18 people have lodged complaints against Mrinank, who will probably have to live behind the bars for quite some time now.

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