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Europeans Nation Team Begins Qualification Match To Qualify For T20 World Cup 2024



The trip to the T20 World Cup 2024 begins now for 28 European Teams
The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 will feature a record 20 Teams with arising nations battling to earn one of eight places to be decided in indigenous qualifiers around the globe.
These qualification series will start with 28 European nations playing in three groups as part of the Sub-Regional Qualifiers.

The first EuropeanSub-Regional Qualifiers- SRQ C- will be played in Belgium from 28 June and point eight brigades– Belgium, Denmark, Gibraltar, Hungary, Israel, Malta, Portugal and Spain.

Spain( 36) is best- placed among this group in the MRF Tyres ICC Men’s T20I Team Rankings, with Denmark( 38), Belgium( 43) and Portugal( 46) all close behind as at 25 June.

The winner of the SRQ C group will go on to face Germany and the winners of the European SRQ A and SRQ B groups in a Regional Final series in 2023. Other European sides who fail to automatically qualify for the 2024 T20 World Cup through their performance at the 2022 event will rejoin the 2024 qualification at the European tests.

The top two teams at the European Regional Final series will earn a place at the 2024 event alongside 12 automatically- qualifying Teams


Full Fixture: T20WC 2024 Europe Qualifiers

SRQ C Matches:

Malta v Spain: 28 June
Belgium v Gibraltar: 28 June
Israel v Portugal: 28 June
Denmark v Hungary: 28 June
Denmark v Gibraltar: 29 June
Malta v Portugal: 29 June
Belgium v Hungary: 29 June
Israel v Spain: 29 June
Gibraltar v Hungary: 1 July
Portugal v Spain: 1 July
Belgium v Denmark: 1 July
Israel v Malta: 1 July
Semi-Final 1 – TBD v TBD: 2 July
Semi-Final 2 – TBD v TBD: 2 July
Semi-Final 3 – TBD v TBD: 2 July
Semi-Final 4 – TBD v TBD: 2 July
7/8 Playoff – TBD v TBD: 4 July
5/6 Playoff – TBD v TBD: 4 July
3/4 Playoff – TBD v TBD: 4 July
The Final – TBD v TBD: 4 July

SRQ A Matches:

Italy v Greece: 12 July
Isle of Man v Cyprus: 12 July
Sweden v Finland: 12 July
Romania v Turkey: 12 July
Cyprus v Romania: 13 July
Croatia v Sweden: 13 July
Serbia v Isle of Man: 13 July
Finland v Italy: 13 July
Italy v Sweden: 15 July
Turkey v Serbia: 15 July
Greece v Croatia: 15 July
Romania v Isle of Man: 15 July
Serbia v Romania: 16 July
Greece v Finland: 16 July
Turkey v Cyprus: 16 July
Croatia v Italy: 16 July
Sweden v Greece: 18 July
Cyprus v Serbia: 18 July
Finland v Croatia: 18 July
Isle of Man v Turkey: 18 July
7/8 Playoff – TBD v TBD: 19 July
5/6 Playoff – TBD v TBD: 19 July
3/4 Playoff – TBD v TBD: 19 July
The Final – TBD v TBD: 19 July

SRQ B Matches:

Austria v Luxembourg: 24 July
Norway v Estonia: 24 July
Guernsey v Bulgaria: 24 July
France v Czech Republic: 24 July
Czech Republic v Norway: 25 July
Slovenia v Austria: 25 July
Switzerland v France: 25 July
Luxembourg v Guernsey: 25 July
Guernsey v Austria: 27 July
Estonia v Switzerland: 27 July
Bulgaria v Slovenia: 27 July
Norway v France: 27 July
Switzerland v Norway: 28 July
Bulgaria v Luxembourg: 28 July
Estonia v Czech Republic: 28 July
Slovenia v Guernsey: 28 July
Austria v Bulgaria: 30 July
Czech Republic v Switzerland: 30 July
Luxembourg v Slovenia: 30 July
France v Estonia: 30 July
7/8 Playoff – TBD v TBD: 31 July
5/6 Playoff – TBD v TBD: 31 July
3/4 Playoff – TBD v TBD: 31 July
The Final – TBD v TBD: 31 July


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