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ENG vs IND: Give Me A CheteshwarPujaraIn My Test Team Any Day Of The Week – Michael Vaughan



Key Highlights

  • The former English player Michael Vaughan have praise for the Indian cricket team
  • Vaughan says, playing against New Zealand is different than playing against India
  • Michael says he sees nothing but India wins after a 257-run lead

The former English player Michael Vaughan has come forward recently in praising the Indian team for their fantastic game and strategy against the English team going on in Edgbaston. Vaughan also mentioned the innings played by CheteshwarPujara in the third test to be the wall innings

Although the third innings on Day 3 seemed a bit slow but Pujara made sure to remain there on the crease with making his half century and also ensuring that his team doesn’t collapse. He said,

“Scoring 50 off 140-odd deliveries in conditions that are not easy is absolutely what we need. You need to have a player with a little bit of stability about the way they are playing. That allows Pant and Iyer to come out and play in an expansive fashion.”

Talking about stability, Vaughan humorously said that to give him Pujara for his test team. Look in his own words to what he said,

“Give me Pujara in my test team any day of the week. As much as you are scared of Pant, Pujara is the kind of Glue that every single team needs to frustrate and wear down the bowlers”

He added,

“A 257-run lead is a long way now for England to go and chase. India gets another 150 and it’s 400, which I think it will be, there is odd bounce, spin will come into play and that might be when Shami gets his reward,”

The big remarks made by Vaughan was when he said that there is a difference playing against New Zealand and playing against India. He also said that the trio with the likes of Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, and Mohammed Siraj will do the necessary damage against England inside the first twenty-five overs.  He further said,

“I feel the tactics have not been quite right in the field. A few of the old traits have returned when they are facing a real quality. I see nothing but an India win”

For everybody’s information, the same Vaughan pounding praised on the Indian cricket team was just opposite before the fifth test match began stating,

“I think the English Juggernaut of Bazz& Ben combination will carry out at Edgbaston. I see nothing but an England victory. It might even be a hammering”

All the interaction above made by Vaughan was with sports channel Cricbuzz.

Parallelly, Vaughan was also seen criticizing the English team for not learning from there past at the Lords before and getting it completely wrong. The former right-handed batter pointed out that how Bumrah has used the short ball ploy against the English scalping wickets in two days consecutively. He said,

“England got it completely wrong in the morning. I am a massive fan of Ben Stokes and Baz (Brendon) McCullum. I like inventive, creative, and out-of-the-box thinking. But that comes when the pitch is flat and the conditions aren’t quite in your favor,”

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