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Egypt and Morocco followed the match in the changing rooms – AFCON



Fight in the locker room: a player from the Egyptian squad slapped the president of the Moroccan federation and Hakimi wanted to enter the locker room to fight with his rivals. The teammates were able to stop the PSG player and he did not get older.

By Facundo Di Bona (@facudibona).

The end of the quarterfinal match of the Africa Cup of Nations between Egypt and Morocco saw a massive fight in the locker room between both delegations that had Achraf Hakimi as one of the protagonists.

According to L’Equipe, the PSG right-back, visibly affected by the elimination during the match, had to be restrained by his own teammates so that he would not cross into the Egyptian locker room and respond with blows to the provocations that came from that side after have qualified in extra time.

It all started with a slap from the fourth Egyptian goalkeeper, Mahmoud Gad, to Fouzi Lekjaa, president of the Moroccan federation.

In the middle of an argument after the match while the teams headed to the changing rooms, the goalkeeper did not know who he was and wanted to defend the assistant coach, although he did it in the worst possible way.

This led to a monumental chaos: the players of both teams, who had had a heated encounter and some tough tackles, got into a fight that had to be neutralized by members of the stadium’s security.

The elimination of Morocco at the hands of Egypt has done a lot of damage in the Moroccan country and it’s been 18 years without even stepping into the semifinals of the African Cup and everything comes in full controversy between the coach and some of his stars.

Hakim Ziyech and Noussair Mazraoui had differences with the coach and were not even called up for the tournament.

This sad ending and the tension that there was are nothing but a reflection of everything that has happened in the Morocco team in the last year.

Hakimi, with a great game and high performance in the tournament, had a crossover during the second half: he strongly disputed a ball against Mostafa Mohamed and ended up lying on the floor with his pants down.

The PSG player got up, took the rival’s shirt and they came face to face in a discussion that ended with a brawl between the players of both teams and the entire refereeing team trying to separate.

Now, the winger will have to return to France to play the Paris Saint-Germain match against Lille in Ligue 1 and his team breathes easy because they will be able to count on him for a while before playing the Champions League round of 16 against Real Madrid.




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